30 September 2011

The Joys of Being Knocked Up

Well getting knocked up at my age is proving much different then when I was pregnant with Little Man. That was five years ago. I do remember being tired but not really THIS tired. It's for a good cause though that's for sure. And I should get used to it since I expect to be this tired for the next oh five years or so.

The kids are excited about their new sibling. And much like the Super Mario Bros. game I am sure there will probably be fighting over who made the baby laugh last or who's turn it is to sit next to the new one. Or we could go in the exact opposite direction and while they are excited NOW once the new kid is out and here they will not want anything to do with him/her. But I am doubting that.

I don't have anything exciting to report besides being tired. But I was trying to keep in the routine of posting.

18 September 2011

Well That's New

Yeah let's see. What's new eh? Lots really. I won't mention I am a big slacker who never posts because in reality that's not new news. So now I actually have something fun and exciting to post about, but more about that later.

Last post was June 2nd. That's a long time ago. I'll bullet list what has happened since then.

1. Leo and I went to Hawaii to celebrate 15 years of wedded bliss. I ate so much food, I even took pics of it with all intentions of blogging about that shit but well you see how that turned out. Anyway, Hawaii is an incredibly beautiful place. I would seriously live there. And never leave the Coast. I also drank a shit ton and abandoned all responsibility, resulting in getting knocked up. By Leo just to set that record straight. I do some crazy shit when I drink but finding a new man is not one of them (at least not anymore now that I already have kids. Kidding Kidding, seriously I am joking).

2. Little Man turned five AND started Kindergarten. IN THE SAME MONTH. Holy shit. But he is doing FANTASTIC and I have to admit here that I am kind of shocked. He never showed much interest in academics. But he is rocking Kinder like a star. I am beyond happy. And when asked who his friends were this year he quickly replied "all the girls". Trouble is coming.

3. Sweet Girl is in 2nd grade and she reads the Dictionary for enjoyment as well as books beyond her grade level. She is a reading fanatic. I love it. But it's making me broke, even with the used book stores. Library won't work because she RE READS her books multiple times. She is kicking ass in Karate. She will best for her Orange belt soon. She is mean and I can't wait until she starts sparring. My sweet Girl putting the smack down. I love it.

So that's it, the new news. I am hoping at this point to really keep up with the blog, now that I have being knocked up and the joys and fears that brings with it to write about.
I'll back and you will probably learn more about me than you wanted to know. I'm like that you know, an over sharer.

02 June 2011

Recap of the Last Few Months

It's been months. I've been here, just not on here. But alas there is nothing too exciting to report, therefore nothing exciting to write about. At least in my opinion. And I'm not even sure why I'm writing this one right now because I need to be doing something else. That is probably the key. I only write when I need to be doing something else. Like when I was working at a real job, I didn't want to do it so I did blog posts instead. Daily. And now I stay at home, and while there is plenty I avoid doing here too, I am not tied to the PC all day. I can close it and never open it again. And email, I can check it on my phone. And then I forget to reply because typing a long reply on the phone is a pain in the ass. But I read them and forget to reply when I do finally open the PC again. So I'm probably losing all kinds of friends, blog friends because I never post and friends because I never reply to their email so they probably think I'm blowing them off.
Jeez I am kind of a bitch.
But really I already knew that.
You did too probably.

So let's see what's been going on?

Little Man starts Kindergarten in July. Sweet Girl is going into 2nd Grade.

Sweet Girl is trying to send the Tooth Fairy to the poor house. She lost THREE teeth in ONE week. She does look super cute with both her front top teeth missing. I love it. But now they are growing in and the cute little window is closing. Boo.

It's getting hot in Arizona. Huge shocker, right? Although the weather has been weird. Last weekend it was only like 79 on Sunday. Heavenly. But then it went to 97, NOT heavenly.

Heat makes me crabby. I really just do not like it. I am not getting used to it, really just the opposite. I hate it more each year.

We are going to Hawaii (without kids!) to celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary. I am looking forward to that. I love the beach. I wouldn't mind heat if we lived on the beach.

I've been reading a lot lately. I do enjoy reading. I just finished all of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. It's about vampires, but these are not Twilight vamps. A very good series, you should check it out if you like vampires and don't mind them having a lot of sex.

I made it through my first year as a Girl Scout Leader, we even bridged to Brownies. And I'll have you know that not one of those girls said any bad words because of me. Thank you very much.

So that's about it. I'm sure I'm probably missing something huge but I don't think so. So maybe I will get in a routine of posting. The kids will be home and maybe as a way to avoid doing crafts I will do blog posts instead. Because there is only so much crafting I can do before I want to poke my eyes out. I always thinks it's a cool idea until we get into it and then I'm like what the hell was I thinking? I do that a lot so maybe I should just avoid crafts. I need crafts that require limited supervision or don't require me to take over to complete the task!

23 January 2011

Traffic? More Like GRIDLOCK

Traffic in CA sucks ass. I think it took us 3 hours to go 4 miles after leaving Disney. That does not make for a carload of happy people. And I was hungry. I am not really all that nice when I am hungry and I was really hungry and ready to EAT. After leaving the stopped freeway to make our way to the Chik Fil A, I was better. I had food and drink and I was happy. All was good, except that we weren’t moving and our good trip time was wasting away by the second. Watching the arrival time on the GPS go from 9:01 PM to 11: 30 PM was a bit disappointing.

Then Sweet Girl has to go to the bathroom. And she’s crying because she REALLY has to go. We are stuck in traffic that’s not moving and there is a closure on the ramp we need and a detour coming up too. It’s like the bad things that happen in threes. Finally we find somewhere to get off, go in and she is still crying but there bathroom is out of order. Do you have another one we can use we have a child emergency. “NO, you can go down the street and turn right to the Circle K”. Gee thanks buddy. I hope you and all your co workers standing around with you crap your pants in public. Karma works you know.
We head over to the Circle K, we all get out again which is a pain in itself because we’re crammed in there with all our luggage, food, strollers, and assorted shit. And Little Man is not the quickest kid in the west. His nickname is Pokey. So we all go in and are informed they do not have public restrooms.
OMG seriously, I think Leo or I said how about she goes in the yard? The clerk kind of just stares at us. Obviously she’s not the sharpest tool in the west. Back in the car, I know the feeling Sweet Girl has. No one wants to crap their pants. Except I do want the clerks at the first place to crap their pants because they deserve it for being such jerks.

Finally we find somewhere, everyone is relieved. No one has peed or pooped their pants. At least to my knowledge. And our trip continues smoothly. We get home late, hit the sack and wake up fir Christmas Eve. And that is the end of our Disney Adventure. Overall a good one. Except for my souvenir cold but oh well, I think we all had fun anyway!

22 January 2011

Disneyland is SO MUCH FUN in the rain!

It’s Day 2 at Disneyland, and guess what it’s still raining. And umbrellas should be banned from the park. I got poked in the face, arm, etc with the points. It is seriously annoying. And really in driving rain, an umbrella doesn’t help much. I was jealous of the rain boots though, I have to admit that. And there were people in FULL rain gear: jackets, pants, shoes and hats. That would have been nice too. But all we had were the ponchos. They helped yes, but not that much. Add in some wind and poncho effectiveness is decreased. And ponchos don’t keep your butt dry.

We ride some more rides, we ride some rides multiple times. Like the Haunted Mansion. Little Man, obsessed with Jack Skellington and that ride. I think we rode that ride 8 times. Pirates multiple times too. In a hard driving rain Big Thunder Mt is fun but damn that rain stings.

That night I don’t think I had a dry spot from my boobs down to my toes. We had to find a launder mat to dry our shoes. I had to peel my jeans off me. Good Times.

We catch a small break from the rain on Tuesday and we actually have a full 12 hour day where we are mostly dry. Same with Wednesday, this was surprising because that was the day it was forecasted with EXCESSIVE rainfall, another 6-12 inches. Although Wednesday we had planned to go to the movies because we trusted the weather man. Should have known better, we saw a little sliver of blue sky and sun and we pretty much ran to park abandoning all reasoning because IT’S THE SUN for God's sake and we haven't seen that yet in "sunny" California. It did work out for us though, thankfully. We were able to go to California Adventure and got to see the World of Color. An amazing show all on sprays and jets of water. AMAZING. And we even get to catch the fireworks at Disneyland as we’re walking out of CA Adventure. They had been cancelled every night before. And some of the parks even closed early because of the weather.

Despite our grumblings at the start of our trip, I think we all feel the rain was actually a blessing.
Sometimes prayers are answered in a weird way. The rain actually kept a lot of the crowds away. We were able to get on and off rides without a wait. We rarely waited more than 10-15 minutes for a ride. And from what I understand that is extremely abnormal during Christmas at Disney. This was evident on Thursday when we decided to go back to the park before heading back home to AZ. The sun was out and holy crap so were the people. The wait times were more than tripled. It was difficult to walk around. Yes we may have been wet but we were able to do so much more. I would gladly go back to Disney in the rain again. But I would go with full rain gear, jackets AND pants AND boots.
And because of the rain we didn't take the strollers in the park because I wasn't going to push around that thing in the rain. And much to my surprise, my children never, not once, complain about having to walk. Shocking I know...

We rode only two rides I think on Thursday before heading home. And that was the beginning of
another adventure in itself. I will save that for the next post.

21 January 2011

CURB!! PUDDLE!! Where’s My Poncho?

So it’s barely raining now, this was after our making it to the hotel in torrential rain. God bless Leonard and his mad driving skills. We’re going to Disneyland because we can’t check into our hotel yet. And because yes it’s barely raining. But we stop and prepare ourselves with ponchos. Disneyland themed ponchos at that! We’re set.

We park, ride the tram to the entrance. And go in. And we are not in that park five minutes, not even down Main Street yet when my Mom trips over the curb and falls. She was so captivated by the giant ass Christmas tree and all its 1200 ornaments that she failed to see the curb transitioning up. I turn around and there is she on the ground. Yep this is definitely one of our trips now. If Little Man had turned around and puked on the curb it would not have shocked me. But thankfully he didn’t.

So after getting her to a bench and getting a ring of cast members surrounding her to save her from gawkers we head on down to first aid. She rides in style down Main Street in a wheelchair. She stays at first aid for a while and props her leg up to help swelling. And I am really impressed with her; the fall didn’t slow her down. She kept up with us the rest of the trip. I think she even surprised herself. And every time we got close
to a curb someone would yell “CURB!!!!!”

We rode ONE ride.

And then it starts raining. And the ponchos, pointless. Pants? Soaking WET. Shoes? Wet.

“PUDDLE” was yelled when a giant puddle was seen, one that would cover your shoe. I still walked in a few of them they were unavoidable and everywhere. My shoes have a large amount of mesh. Water and mesh? Not a good combo.

But we stay for a while longer in the rain, because damnit we paid to get in this place. And as we all know Disney ain’t cheap.

We head back to the hotel we’ve had enough for one day. We complain how much this sucks that it’s raining so much. And we are despaired at the forecast.

We dry our shoes with the blow-dryer that night.

And we sleep. And I’m sure we’re all praying that the rain lets up so we can enjoy the park. At least I know I am praying!

Stay tuned for Day 2 because my stories are long winded you know...

20 January 2011

Don’t Touch ANYTHING and Keep your socks ON!

Well Happy New Year! It's still January so that's a plus! So it’s been a while, I really am sucking lately. And I find that I am starting every blog post like this. I guess we all know by now that I am a SLACKER. So anyway now that we’ve established that, I’ve admitted it and we’re all good let’s talk about our trip to Disneyland.

But first, I hope everyone had a great holiday time with your family and friends. I hope Santa was good to you and you got what you wanted.

We had a good Christmas, despite the fact I ended up wicked sick and really to be honest don’t
remember much of Christmas Day or the day after. But anyway, I do remember the week leading up to Christmas. Oh yes. And with most of our trips it included an injury. Let me set the stage for you.

We’re going to sunny California to Disneyland. We surprise the kids. And let me tell you we probably wouldn’t have been chosen for those commercials where parents surprise their kids with that news. “Guess what kids? After the Polar Express in Flagstaff we’re not coming home, we’re going to Disneyland!” My kids just stared at us like we had 500 heads. Like we spoke gibberish. Like we told them we were going to the mall. That was their reaction. Until I guess it set in that we really were going to the land of Disney. Then they got excited. They are so weird.

We set off with a stop at the North Pole via the Polar Express, where my children, well more Sweet Girl, belted or rather shrieked out some Christmas carols. Wow, that was one loud train ride. We got our bell that we all heard jingle so I guess we all believe in Santa still. Until I get so nuts from hearing the jingle that I pry that sucker open and rip out the bearing. Luckily that didn’t happen. At least not yet. I should put those away until next year. Build up some tolerance.

Now we’re on our way to CA, we stop in a little town in Arizona. It made such an impression that I forgot its name. But I didn’t forget the Motel 6 we stayed at. They really should have turned their light “off” for us, so we had to go somewhere else. Wow. That place was GROSS. I actually wanted to sleep with my shoes on.
Don’t touch anything kids.
For the love of all that is holy PLEASE don’t put your face on the comforter.
Don’t touch the remote.
OMG the phone is STICKY.

I immediately itch, not because there are bed bugs (I checked…and lifted up the mattress and proceeded to wash my hands in bleach) but because it just seems like there are. I don’t sleep. Little Man is coughing. And they are PROUD to let you know that the Santa Fe train line comes through hourly and blows their horn at EVERY crossing. Really that’s the sign in the office. I know why they are so proud…

We leave the next morning but not before disinfecting ALL our stuff with Lysol before putting in the Yukon. No joke. I’m serious.

And on to sunny California, except yeah not that week. That week they had the worst rain storm they’ve had in like 20 years. There were states of emergency declared, mud slides, floods. And A LOT of rain. And not just a nice drizzle I mean a hard driving rain. The kind where you can’t see anything. I’m checking the forecast every five seconds on my phone (because I can now, I got a new one with Internet access and all that fancy shit). The forecast is not looking good. Rain EVERY day we are there. Red Alerts with EXCESSIVE rain warnings. Rain INCREASING AND Thunderstorms. I’m thinking, this is just great. All this damn rain. Maybe they are wrong, they are weather forecasters they are always wrong. I look at the radar; I pretend I’m color blind when all I see is a huge mass of green and red. And apparently they were right that time, those bastards.

But we go anyway. And more about that in the next post.