02 June 2011

Recap of the Last Few Months

It's been months. I've been here, just not on here. But alas there is nothing too exciting to report, therefore nothing exciting to write about. At least in my opinion. And I'm not even sure why I'm writing this one right now because I need to be doing something else. That is probably the key. I only write when I need to be doing something else. Like when I was working at a real job, I didn't want to do it so I did blog posts instead. Daily. And now I stay at home, and while there is plenty I avoid doing here too, I am not tied to the PC all day. I can close it and never open it again. And email, I can check it on my phone. And then I forget to reply because typing a long reply on the phone is a pain in the ass. But I read them and forget to reply when I do finally open the PC again. So I'm probably losing all kinds of friends, blog friends because I never post and friends because I never reply to their email so they probably think I'm blowing them off.
Jeez I am kind of a bitch.
But really I already knew that.
You did too probably.

So let's see what's been going on?

Little Man starts Kindergarten in July. Sweet Girl is going into 2nd Grade.

Sweet Girl is trying to send the Tooth Fairy to the poor house. She lost THREE teeth in ONE week. She does look super cute with both her front top teeth missing. I love it. But now they are growing in and the cute little window is closing. Boo.

It's getting hot in Arizona. Huge shocker, right? Although the weather has been weird. Last weekend it was only like 79 on Sunday. Heavenly. But then it went to 97, NOT heavenly.

Heat makes me crabby. I really just do not like it. I am not getting used to it, really just the opposite. I hate it more each year.

We are going to Hawaii (without kids!) to celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary. I am looking forward to that. I love the beach. I wouldn't mind heat if we lived on the beach.

I've been reading a lot lately. I do enjoy reading. I just finished all of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. It's about vampires, but these are not Twilight vamps. A very good series, you should check it out if you like vampires and don't mind them having a lot of sex.

I made it through my first year as a Girl Scout Leader, we even bridged to Brownies. And I'll have you know that not one of those girls said any bad words because of me. Thank you very much.

So that's about it. I'm sure I'm probably missing something huge but I don't think so. So maybe I will get in a routine of posting. The kids will be home and maybe as a way to avoid doing crafts I will do blog posts instead. Because there is only so much crafting I can do before I want to poke my eyes out. I always thinks it's a cool idea until we get into it and then I'm like what the hell was I thinking? I do that a lot so maybe I should just avoid crafts. I need crafts that require limited supervision or don't require me to take over to complete the task!