31 March 2008

Finally A Good Weekend

Finally a good weekend was had by all. It was sickness free so maybe my psychology is working! The kids were well behaved, the weather was great and we had a lot of fun. If every day was like this weekend then I would be fine with being here! Sunday was packed with all kinds of fun stuff!

Here are some highlights:
Saturday night Danielle had a mom's night out with some mom friends she met online. It was really fun.
Sunday we went out to breakfast at the Village Inn. It's a lot like Denny's. As Leo pointed out we were at the not in their demographics. We were much YOUNGER then the crowd where I saw an oxygen tank and a lot of walkers and pretty much everyone had grey or white hair. But besides the crowd the food was good, pretty cheap for the amount of food they gave you. The kids behaved in the restaurant and at all their breakfast. I enjoyed their biscuits and gravy which was actually pretty close to what you would get in TN. However they added a southwest twist to it and sprinkled paprika on it. Very interesting but added a nice touch.
Then we headed off to the zoo. The weather was perfect, by 9:30 or so it was about 73. The zoo is GIANT and we only got through half of it last time so we went ahead and did the other half yesterday. We started out on the Merry Go Round. I actually rode it and almost revisited my biscuits and gravy. I knew I hated them for a reason. I won't go on it again.
Sweet Girl and I also went into the Stingray Bay where you are able to pet the stingrays. Ok, so I am not a fan of sting rays. Not because I am afraid they will spear me or anything. It's because I have had TWO bad experiences with these aquatic creatures.

The last one, Sweet Girl and I experienced together. We went to a friends 1st birthday party at the Aquarium Restaurant and it included a trip to the pet the sting ray place next door. I'm thinking Sweet Girl will love this. I pick her up and we're standing there looking at the rays swimming around when one of them comes up the side of the tank, opens his mouth (which is quite large by the way) and covers us with water. The amount of water was amazing it was like a freaking fire hose. So I SCREAM on the top of my lungs and now Sweet Girl and I are drenched with nasty salty stingray water. So I will admit I was a little apprehensive in my attempt to pet them again. And they seem to sense this apprehension as they flocked over to where we were after we put our hands in the water. Luckily we were not sprayed this time so that was nice. That was the end of our zoo trip.

Next we ventured to the mall to get Sweet Girl some new crocs. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes for the kids. They are easy to put on and to clean. She was excited to get two new pairs and now sports a cute little light green mary jane type croc. Which is just adorable. She looks so cute in them. And a classic croc in the color "grape" yes it's a bright purple. She picked it out.
We enjoyed a lunch in the food court, where the kids got Happy Meals from McDonald's that they started putting back in the cool little boxes not the bags anymore! That was neat to see again. (I know that's dorky).

McDonald's is also having some sweepstakes for their Pirate and Princess gig at Disney World. I was reading the fine print and apparently if you're a Canadian resident you can't "just" win. You have to answer a "skill-testing question". Seriously that's what it said. So if you're Canadian sucks for you if you don't have that skill.

After stopping to look at palm trees and some cacti we headed home so Little Man could have a nap.

I promise that the day is almost over if you've tired of me rambling on about the extensive details of our day.

We ended our day at the Ace Hardware. We only went in for a prefilter for the HEPA filters in the kids rooms. And we left with new patio furniture! YAY!!! And we got 20% off it. We now have four comfy chairs and a big ottoman that also has a cushion so it can be used as an extra seat or a table. AND (yes there is more!!) a dining set, that is teak wood and includes a table, two chairs and two benches. It's really nice. The best part of all it was the price! We got it all for less then one of the sets at Costco!

Things are finally coming together. We have a couple more things to do inside. We need to paint because for some reason the previous owners were obsessed with brown. EVERY room, with the exception of the kids room has some shade of brown. It's gross and is getting depressing.

So there you have it, the details of a good weekend so far.

27 March 2008

Being Proactive

As a means of being proactive I'm trying to determine the next ailment that we will be dealing with. I mean it pays off to be proactive instead of reactive so I'm trying to see if I can determine what's coming next. Maybe as a means to prepare for it as best as I can. I'm also hoping to see if maybe using reverse psychology on our rash (ha ha get it) of illnesses might work. So if I WANT to get sick and HOPE the kids get something else, maybe the illness next in line will say to itself "Awww that's not fun, they want me, it's so much more fun to attack the unsuspecting" and then spare us its wrath.

I have come up with a few "normal" illnesses that we have yet to have. And apparently being vaccinated against one of them doesn't really matter since Little Man was vaccinated against rotavirus and he got it the worst!

Feel free to cast your vote via comment as to which one will be next! These are in no particular order.

  1. Appendicitis
  2. Pink eye
  3. Severe allergic reaction to a scorpion sting
  4. Chicken Pox
  5. Measles
  6. Hand, Foot and Mouth
  7. Some type of worm
  8. Scabies
  9. Danielle's Mental Breakdown
My vote goes with Pink eye and Danielle's Mental Breakdown.

So we'll see. Stayed tuned to hear if my reverse psychology worked or not. And if not, what the ailment we are lucky enough to have.

25 March 2008

Wonder What The Neighbors Think

One of the few things that has been nice about being in AZ is the kids can play in the backyard and run around on the lovely grass. Here is a recent conversation between Sweet Girl and Little Man that if any neighbors were also outside had to wonder what the heck was going on over here.
Some chalk art had been drawn on the patio (it's a bit one sided since Little Man doesn't say many words):
Sweet Girl: Stop it Little Man, You're sitting on Granddad!!
Little Man: a grunt
Little Man: again a grunt
Sweet Girl: Go over there Little Man, get away from my family. Go make your own family.

By this time, half of the chalk family had been rubbed away and was on Little Man's shorts.

It was pretty funny.

The Lasagna That Killed The Microwave

Well I was going to post about Easter and a cute pic of the bunny cake I made before the rotavirus hit me. But I haven't unloaded said picture off the camera so instead you get to hear more about my trials and tribulations that have plagued us here in the desert.
The microwave is dead. Do you really realize how you rely on that nice piece of modern technology? I didn't really give it much thought until I had to make the "Easy Mac" on the stove top...
Yes I cooked a frozen lasagna ( and yes it was made for the microwave, so don't think I put one of those metal pan jobs in there) and now it's dead. So dead that the service man said "I don't know you'll have to have GE come out". Great. We have a home warranty so it only cost $55 to have the first guy come out and we won't get charged again for the GE people to come out. I'm sure the extra charge will come in if they have to replace this appliance. And really "dead" is not the right term, the clock and timer still work, it's just main purpose is not working. So I have a huge, stainless clock/timer over my stovetop.
Stay away from the Michelangelo's Frozen Lasagna.

And while I'm on the topic of extremely useful but broken appliances...one of our air conditioner units is also broken. Service man has been called for that as well. Surprisingly it's been about 88 degrees and it's not unbearable in that part of the house. The luck of no humidity.

I'm not really complaining, I'm just seriously on the verge of total mental breakdown. You know how when your kids are so tired they're giddy? Well that's how I feel right now. So I'm just going to keep going. My dishwasher is totally retarded. It works at least (knocking the hell out of the wood table next to me), but the racks are stupid in their loading organization, mostly because some of the tines are broken. And the top rack falls off the track when you pull it out so it's only time before a whole rack of glasses and bowls come crashing down on a hopefully empty bottom rack. I've even resorted to reviewing the manual! Oh the fun I'm having. Fun Fun Fun.

Happy Valley is flooded right now, by the way.

24 March 2008

Round 4

I'm KO'd. That's it, I'm done. I've reached my limit and basically I surrender. What round of ailments would be complete without a case of vomiting and diarrhea? Well apparently none, since now the kids and I are suffering from rotavirus. This lovely little virus causes both vomiting and diarrhea and basically there is nothing you can do about it. Yes it's been quite pleasant. It started early early Friday morning when Little Man starting puking at about midnight. I thought maybe it was just a dinner that didn't agree with him (I mean he had Taco Bell for dinner so this would not be shocking) especially since he would puke and go right back to sleep, no fuss, no clinginess, no fever. Just puke. Well he went to school because he was fine that morning and was fine all day long there until we got in the driveway. Where he puked again. Cleaning puke out of a car seat is the biggest pain in the ass ever.
So then Sweet Girl got it. I'll spare you anymore details. Other then now I have it and I'm thinking of getting the Desitin out for myself.
Right now, I hate absolutely HATE the fact we moved. Thankfully Leo has been able to stay home a bit and help out. His current company is much better the the spawn of Satan company he worked for before where lord forbid you had anything else come up in your life. That little tidbit and the fact he is so happy there are the only things keeping me from packing up the back of my Yukon and heading back to TN, taking my house off the market and living there. The thought of driving 27 hours with two kids doesn't even phase me at this point. It can't be much worse then the past 5 weeks of sickness.
Maybe tomorrow I'll post about our Easter day the few good hours without puke and vomit.

21 March 2008

Fun At Daddy's Office

Leo's office building is very nice and has a nice little pond and stream that is home to many big fish and ducks. So yesterday the kids and I went to visit him at his office so they could feed the ducks and see the fish. I knew they would like this. We brought a bag with 3 hot dog buns to feed to the ducks. This was a mistake between the fish and the ducks we needed a whole LOAF of bread. When we get out of the car there are two ducks walking along the path. They see Sweet Girl and see she is holding a bag and proceed to follow her and nip at the bag. It was kind of funny. Sweet Girl was so excited to be THAT close to ducks.
We go over to the bridge and feed the ducks and fish and they are sure hungry and are "asking" for food in their little duck language. It was fun and the kids loved it.

Sweet Girl wants to go in and see Daddy's office. We're walking to the door to get in when I look away for a minute and the next minute I see Little Man has squeezed his head THROUGH the railing surrounding the water. And he's grunting because he is now STUCK. I am like OH. MY. GOD. I try to get him out but it's not working. He's squirming a little more now. I finally had to push his head from the other side and it wasn't an easy task. His head is not all that small. It was stuck and took some effort to get him free. But he was finally freed without having to call anyone or run to the grocery store for oil or butter to lube up his head. I did freak out for a second as I saw us having to pry the bars apart to get him out.

The kids enjoyed seeing Daddy's office. I imagine it will be requested to go see the ducks and fish again. I'll take pictures next time so you can also experience the feeding frenzy!

20 March 2008

Ahhhh...The Weather

The weather this past week has been fantastic. It has been in the low 80's with humidity in the single digits. It makes it quite pleasant to sit outside and enjoy it. We've been sitting outside and playing in the great weather every day and evening. The kids are LOVING playing and running around the backyard. And Leo and I are enjoying hanging out on the back patio watching them. They play on their little kangeroo climber on the grass, Sweet Girl rides her bike on the patio, Little Man draws with chalk all over the patio, climber, benches, and basically anything that will take it.
Now that we spend so much time outside it's time to invest in some comfy patio furniture. Our $5 camp chairs from Wal-mart are starting to rip. And there is only two of them so when my parents were here it was almost like who could get outside first to get the comfy chair. The only problem with patio furniture is, I think, it is ungodly expensive. We looked at some and the whole set which included a couch, two chairs and a table was $2500. I was like HOLY CRAP. I mean I don't mind spending money but I just think that is TOO MUCH for patio furniture. So now the search will begin for reasonable, comfortable and nice looking patio furniture.
If you have any suggestions of places to look I would love to hear it!

19 March 2008

Sweet Girl Is Pretty Darn Smart

Since I posted about Little Man it's only fair that I post about what a smart (and sometimes smarty pants) and bright kid Sweet Girl is. She is definitely a sponge when it comes to information and has quite good hearing. I think we will start having her do "ear muffs" when we have conversations so she doesn't go to school or something and blurt out what she's heard. Now I'm not writing this post to brag about her or anything, just as means to update you on what's going on at our house. That was the purpose of the blog remember?

Some of her current skills include:

She can write the letters A, U, M, H, R, O and I

She knows about half of the states and where they are located (without looking at the map).

She knows how to spell Mississippi.

She knows all these weird exotic animals just by looking at them. (I'm giving props to Diego for this one...who said kids watching cartoons is THAT bad).

I figure soon enough she'll know all the states and we'll have to start working on the capitols. I am constantly amazed at what she learns and knows. I hope we can continue on this path of learning and that Little Man has the same desire to learn. I hope I can continue whatever it is I might be doing to encourage her to continue with this thirst for knowledge.

18 March 2008

Little Man The Unusual

Little Man is such a character. He never ceases to amaze me with the things that kid does. Already his heart is so big. He loves to share things with you, especially food. He often gets Sweet Girl her duckie if she's asking for it. He's just a sweetheart. But he does seem to be doing some werido things right now as well. Maybe it's because he's a boy, I don't know.

For example. yesterday he was laying on the patio sucking the water from between the cracks. WHY on earth would he do this? And WHERE did he learn it from? These things I don't know. And now you're probably saying to yourself "no wonder their kids are getting sick all the time, they're letting them slurp water from the sidewalk". Ah No. It's not something that I told him to go do or encouraged by any means.

He enjoys wearing Sweet Girls shoes. He especially likes to wear one of the fleece crocs with one of the regular ones. AND they are often on the wrong feet.

He won't eat at the dinner table anymore UNLESS he is sitting on MY lap. I am now a chair. Not that I mind but it often makes it difficult for me to eat as well. And I am kind of afraid I'm going to get a fork in the eye if I'm not paying attention.

If you read the post where I said he likes to dip food, well now sometimes he won't eat the food anymore, it's just the dip. Using a fork to eat ranch dressing is not really easy and creates quite a mess.

He's starting to collect things for his bed. The other night he must have had 10 books, an elmo doll, two blankets and a pillow that HAD to be in his bed before he would go to sleep. And when he gets up they all must also come with him.

But even with his strange quirks he is still such a doll and still melts my heart. And hey at least the quirks are entertaining, at least until I'm stabbed in the eye with that fork.

17 March 2008

Poor Planning On My Part...

Tomorrow my parents head back home to TN. This will be very sad and difficult for me. They have been here for over a month and to be honest with you I have enjoyed having them around. Not just because of the extra hands they provide in taking care of my house and kids but because I love them. And I like having them around. Sure they get on my nerves every once in a while but everyone seems to do that so that's note really worth noting.
What is going to make the them leaving even worse is they are leaving during PMS week. This is not a good thing, because during PMS week everything is multiplied by like 100 for me. So while yes them leaving at any time would have been hard, it's going to be especially difficult for me now.

I am going to consult my pill pack for any other decisions like this from this point forward. I've done this a few times. I did the cleanse and ended it right during PMS week AND my birthday. Not a good idea to have to "ease" back into eating when you have raging hormones that want all things fried, sweet and topped off with Coke. I should have advised them to leave next week when my crazy hormones don't have the best of me and I'm not a emotional bitch.

I'm already suffering a little today, sad when I think about them leaving and then I get irritated that we moved again.
I'm trying to go to Happy Valley, but it's not really working...

14 March 2008

Come Back! Please Come Back!

Ok, I know I've been a little negative and now fear that I have driven away readers becasue if you're like me (the me now) you really don't enjoy being around a negative person. One of the things I've enjoyed about writing the blog is the comments. It makes me feel good knowing people are reading and responding and I still feel connected to you. However based on the comment record in the last few posts I fear no one is reading because I am being Debbie Downer.

Now if you've known me for a great number of years you know I used to be the Queen of Negative Manor. I complained ALOT and about everything. I always focused on the negative. But as I got older I moved out of the Negative Manor and into Happy Valley. And I wanted to surround myself with people in the Happy Valley. Now don't be fooled the Happy Valley does have it's bad side of town because everyone has their days where they want to complain and vent and just plain think negatively. And of course I've crossed to that side of the tracks and visited a while but always found my way back to the happier side of Happy Valley. But lately I guess I set up camp over on the not so happy side. I stayed too long. But it's so easy to just think negatively. The negative thoughts are right there easily accessible, piled high on a silver platter just waiting for you to pick one up. Finding the happy thought sometimes takes effort. And sometimes (like lately for me) that's difficult when you're tired and overwhelmed and exhausted from dealing with the kids sicknesses and moving and all the other adjustments you have to make. So I have packed up my tent and I'm slowly trying to get back to the happier side. And I hope, dear readers...if there are any left, you come back and read and post comments. I'll try to keep it light and happy.

And as much as I want to post that now Little Man has pneumonia and an ear infection and we were swarmed by bees yesterday I won't. Instead as a peace offering I shall share with you a highly embarassing story. Yes this would only happen to me. Read this as I were telling you in person. Enjoy and have a great weekend.

The bathroom at the office here in Tempe has seat covers and I use them. Well this particular one caused me a problem because instead of the pee going down the little opening it somehow got tilted towards the outside of the toilet and was going down the front of the toilet and my pants. I wasn't sitting like right up against the seat or anything but the angle of the cover helped move it right along and onto the back of my pants. Yes I peed on my pants sitting on the toilet. How the hell does that happen?

12 March 2008

My Outlook

I am still not feeling great. It basically feels like I have a sumo wrestler sitting on my chest and I sound like a 90 year old smoker with a nice wheezing cough that hurts my chest and back. I am sure it is quite attractive in both sight and sound as I cross my legs to keep from peeing on myself with my horrible cough.

I am sure the last few posts have seemed somewhat negative in how I've been handling the move and adjustment to Arizona. And that is probably true, I am not doing that great a job with the adjustment and the fact that Sweet Girl and Little Man had trouble with getting dropped off at school, then we had all the sickness and I got sick I was becoming a little resentful and hated the fact we left where I was comfortable, the kids were comfortable and I had everything I needed. But alas after a lot of thought and the fact that I obviously can't go back to TN I will have to just make the best of it here. It's not like I do not LIKE it here, I do. It's like this: You know when you go on vacation and you like where you are and it's pretty and peaceful and you're enjoying yourself but deep down you can't wait to get back to your house and comfort zone? That's what I feel like. I just want to go back to our other house and the kids other school and my comfort zone of friends and family. But I can't go back there.

My realization that I needed to change my attitude (even though a few friends and my mom have said I just need to think of it as an adventure. It is easier said then done in my opinion and if you know me I can't just say OK I'll think like that, I wish I could!) came when I remembered how everything does happen for a reason. I looked back on all the things I was uncomfortable with at that time and struggled with and then saw the usually fruitful opportunity it turned into. So while I do not know what this will result in, I know we are here for a reason and it will be another opportunity for us to grow, learn, adapt and hopefully come out ahead again.
Do I want to stay in AZ forever, actually probably not. After all my years of disliking a small city, I have grown to realize I do like it better. Phoenix is HUGE and sprawling and HUGE. It is actually very overwhelming.

But for now this is where we are supposed to be.

So I will encourage visitors as we would love to show you around our new home and area. And for what it's worth, we have not had any more scorpions in the house or around the house. We have been scorpion free since the last post about them. So come on over!

10 March 2008

It's an earache

Saturday afternoon Sweet Girl was fine, not the clingy mess I figured she would be which was nice.
Sunday was a different story, she woke up crying, fell back asleep after she was up for a while and was generally crabby. I had given her some tylenol and it seemed to kick in enough for us to go out for breakfast and a quick trip to the Superstition Mts. It was a nice trip but we weren't allowed in the Lost Dutchman State Park because it was too crowded and dangerous. So we just found a pull off and let the kids walk around and look at the cacti out there. She was in a good mood. And feel asleep on the way home.
The afternoon turned worse when she complained her ear hurt and was running a fever. She fell back asleep...that makes TWO naps in ONE day which is odd since we're lucky if we even get one!
5:00 rolls around. I had found this place not to far from us called Good Night Pediatrics. They have all pediatricians on staff and are open from 5 PM to 5 AM. Wish I had known about them when we headed off to the horrible Phoenix Children's Hospital. We were in and out of there in less then an hour with an ear infection, motrin for pain, benadryl for congestion and a prescription for another antibiotic.

Hopefully this is it for the sickness, since in the 3 weeks we've been here we've had Strep, Croup and now an ear infection. I'm over the sicknesses. They suck and are making my life even more miserable right now especially since I was struggling with the move itself to begin with. This is not helping.

Send us good well vibes because apparently my positive thinking is going in the opposite direction.

08 March 2008

The Next Ailment

I guess Arizona has an interesting welcoming committee. We've been welcomed by strep throat and scorpions and now our latest welcoming committee is the croup committee. Yes Sweet Girl now has croup. I hope this string of incidents ends soon because I'm not really sure how much longer I can take it. And she's been exposed to all of these things already and we got by unscathed. I guess that was pure luck.

She's had a cough for a little while, it sort of went away with her strep and resurfaced a day or so ago. And then this morning we got the barking cough wake up call. So we head outside because it is cool out there (in the 40's) and it calms it down. We head back in and I open the window in our room, prop her up on some pillows and she goes to sleep.

Of course there is nothing we can do for it since she's not suffering from the strider or other issue accompanied with croup where her chest is tight. I talked to the pediatrician and she instructed us to head to the ER if she suffers from the aforementioned issues. I don't think we'll be going to Phoenix Children's Hospital again. if that's the case.

Hopefully she keeps up good spirits and isn't clingy all weekend. I had big plans to get everything situated. I'm beginning to wonder why I even bother planning anything these days.

I'm hoping I don't have to start the 'Ailment of the Week' topic.

06 March 2008

Differences and Similarites between TN & AZ

Here is a brief synopsis of some differences and similarities between Nashville and Phoenix/Chandler

My family and friends aren't here. So I think you all should move.

There are lots of palm trees and cacti here. Not so much in Tennessee.

You can buy beer, wine and liquor at the grocery store and Costco. Yay. Although I'm surprised I haven't taken advantage of this more.

You rarely run into someone that was born and raised here. This seems to make most people very nice. This could be both a difference and a similarity depending on where in TN you are.

The freeways here have different names depending on if it's the north, south, east or west part of the freeway. For example, the Loop 202 is called the Red Mountain on the north side and the Santan on the south side.

We're not getting snow in March.

The bathrooms at my office in Tempe have seat covers and the office in Nashville doesn't. Why is this being noted, you might ask? I had some trouble with one of these seat covers which may or may not be a post one day this week.

The school zones are 35 MPH, but it's ALL day long. People must have been really pissed when I saw the flashing lights and dropped down to 15. After noticing the speed on the sign I sped up.

We have scorpions. But hey TN has brown recluses and at least if I have one scorpion that doesn't mean I have a whole houseful.

The Phoenix area has 3 area codes.

They don't have Publix.

Our house is roughly the same size but the kids got shafted on their room size compared to TN.

Most suburban neighborhoods in the Phoenix area have sidewalks.

Almost all homes in the Phoenix area have a block fence.

You can have green grass all year long in Phoenix.

Phoenix is the fifth most populated metropolitan area in the country. I think Nashville is around number 30.

They have red light and speed cameras...watch out driving records.


People drive like idiots here too. They seem to be better at merging but not much.

They have Target and Wal-Mart.

The Wal-Marts attracts the same type of people as it does in TN.

I'm still working on the same projects for the same company.

Leo can still carry his guns here.

Both areas are represented by Democratic governors and Republican Senators.

Both have hills and mountains. Just more mountains in Phoenix.

Both have pro sports teams.

Both have some form of commuter rail in some stage of production.

Both have useless HOV lanes.

05 March 2008

Dip and a Star

Sweet Girl and Little Man are both pretty good eaters. We've gone through phases where they would only eat certain things, well actually really not Little Man because he eats everything it seems. But I have found something that really helps both of them eat. It's certainly not the most nutritious of food but when I am desperate to make sure they have food in their tummy this is where I will turn for both of them:

Sweet Girl - Chicken shaped as a star from Carl's Jr. Yes she pretends they are members of our family and methodically eats our heads, arms and legs off. And she is proud to proclaim in the middle of the restaurant 'Mommy I just ate your arm!!'. But she EATS them all up and is excited to eat so I can't take that way from her!

Little Man - Any kind of dipping sauce. The kid will dip anything into a sauce. Ranch, BBQ, Honey Mustard are favorites for chicken. If he is not eating anything I just think of something he can dip it in, put some on his plate and do a trial. Viola! He eats it. It's actually kind of funny. But he if it's getting him to eat veggies maybe it will counterbalance the dip??

I'm sure soon this will change and Sweet Girl will tire of eating off our heads, arms and legs. And Little Man will no longer like dipping sauce. Like all things this is probably just a phase.

04 March 2008

The Payback Spell

Well we've made it four days now settling into our own routine. Sweet Girl and Little Man are doing better with drop offs at school and are acting pretty much like the normal kids we had before leaving TN. We still have our issues but I'll chalk them up to the fact they are 3 and 1.5.

What I am convinced of though, is the fact my parents put the payback spell on my children while they are here AND I am around. I have always heard that I was a highly dramatic young child, very similar I imagine to how Sweet Girl acts now. So as a means to pay me back for the pain in the ass I was, they have cast this spell so I can see how tortuous it was to have me as a child.

So Gaga and Grandad, I get it. I was an overly dramatic kid. So please remove that spell and let me have normal children!! ;)

01 March 2008

On Our Own...

Uh Oh...after about 3 weeks of having GaGa and Grandad around we are on our own again. This should be interesting since the past few weeks we've had the luxury of having someone else around to help watch/entertain/put to bed/change diapers/change clothes/console/anything else that was needed for the kids. My parents are headed to CA to visit with my sister and her family. So starting today for over week we'll be on our own. Maybe this will be good as we can get into some kind of routine. Both Sweet Girl and Little Man have been having really hard time with drop offs at their new preschool. It may be because they know GaGa and Grandad are at home and they are not and that is where they want to be. I can't say I blame them, it's no fun being at work when you have company sitting at your house you would rather be with.

While I will miss them being around, I am sure they also need a break from the moving mayhem we've been living with for at least 3 weeks now. It's certainly taken it's toll on me and I'm surprised I am still drug free and not in an institution for a mental breakdown. I've had a hard time adjusting myself and the screaming and crying of the kids at drop off is not helping me at all. I know, I know, give it time. You all know me, and you know my greatest gift is NOT patience. If only sarcasm worked like patience then I would probably be like Mother Teresa.

So while it will be yet another adjustment to create our new routine that is so desperately needed hopefully it will be quick and smooth. And by the time GaGa and Grandad get back before leaving (boo) again, we'll be all normal and even keeled. Stop laughing I can be normal...