28 February 2008

The Scorpion Hunter

Since in the last post I failed to mention Leo was stung by one of our new friends he has become quite fond of them. Apparently it only barely got him because he only experienced a slight sting and none of the other lovely symptoms that can also be induced by a scorpion.

After more investigation there is really not anything an exterminator can do but we'll call one anyway. We can get rid of all our bushes and anything else that they can live in and basically live in a bubble. Or you can become what Leo has, the Scorpion Hunter.

He is armed with a sexy purple blacklight that looks like a flashlight. He turns off all the lights and the search begins. Why you wonder does he have a blacklight, because one of the scorpion traits is they glow in the dark. So we walk around the house hunting for any of the bastards to kill them and thus remove them from our home. Someone at work suggested we leave a dead one around to scare off all the others. I think I might hang it by a noose to let the others know we mean business. We don't want you here.

It is kind of trippy, like a Jimi Hendrix poster as my dad would say, to see all the neato glowing things and also kind of gross/disturbing as you pass over spots on the carpet and the thoughts begin 'what exactly is that' since I know you've all see the 20/20 shows where they take the blacklight into a hotel room...

Luckily for us we were scorpion free yesterday. The hunt was unsuccessful but will start up again tonight.

27 February 2008

Our New Friends That Will Hopefully Leave Soon

Well we made some new native Arizona friends. Yes and they are just the kind you want around...NOT.

We had the pleasure of not just ONE but TWO Arizona Bark Scorpions in our house last night. Now we can't have just any friends you know, no we have to have the best (or the worst whatever way you look at it) and most dangerous scorpions in the state. Yes they are venomous little bastards. But doesn't he look so nice??

My mom was in her room and saw something she was about to pick up and then she saw it move and yelled for my dad who gets it on a magazine. Leo and I are giving the kids a bath and I hear scorpion and in my room. My ears perk up and sure enough there is our new friend. We put him safely in a sippy cup with a lid so we can investigate what kind he is. The investigation reveals him as the Bark Scorpion. Lovely. Now everyone is freaked out because he is venomous and notice his color it helps him blend right into our carpet so the chances of seeing him are pretty slim unless you walk around like Little Man all day and look at your feet.

It's night time, and guess what they are nocturnal! Everything we are reading says: don't walk around barefoot at night, they like cool dark places (like your sheets, shoes, clothes...GREAT!!!) and they can cause death in small kids. YAY for our new friends.
Now our freak out factor has just been kicked up a notch. So much so that Leo and I basically strip our bed, bust out the SureFire flashlight to search for any more of these lovely friends. The blanket, quilt, and sheet are off the bed and on the floor for investigation. Leo said the other night he felt something on his foot at the end of the bed so I go and move the sheet to look, feel something hit my leg, scream, jump back and point. Leo comes running over and sure enough we would have gone to sleep with a new friend in our bed. He is captured and put into a bowl with a lid to save for the bug man who will be called first thing in the morning. HOLY CRAP that's #2 how many others are there in here?? Did we buy a house infested with scorpions????? In our previous stay in AZ we NEVER saw any and now we're up to two.
So now the entire bed is investigated, under the mattress, under the bed, in between the pillow top and the mattress, all surrounding areas and all the pillows. I have warned my parents to do a bed sweep and it turns out they are all clear.
So I keep the flip flops on the side of the bed, because there is no where to hide in them, in case I need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
Our freak out factor is still pretty high and the bug man has been called.

As much as I like our new friends, I would much rather have you guys.

25 February 2008

Day 10 in Arizona = ER Visit AND A New Pediatrition

Day 10 in Arizona was ushered in with a very sick Sweet Girl. We spent most of Sunday evening and early early Monday morning with a visit to the Phoenix Children's Hospital ER. I was sadly disappointed and probably could have cried as much as some of the kids in there. Sweet Girl was complaining about a tummy ache, headache, her mouth hurt, she had a fever and was breathing like she was in horrible pain. It was awful. We are not the ER type; In the over 3 years we've had kids we've never gone to the ER until last night. She freaked us out. So we went. What a mistake. We arrived at 4:15 drove around the parking lot due to inadequate signage. Finally we get in there and wait and wait and wait and in the 2 1/2 hours we were there they only called TWO kids back. We finally conceded and left thinking we could find a pediatrician that would see a new patient that was sick. We have been up since midnight and functioning on 1.5 hours of sleep.

After searching and finding a pediatrician that would see a new patient SICK, we headed there on Monday afternoon. We got there and are ready to check in and she pukes all over me, her, and the floor. It's nothing but bile and I can prove it to the nurses who come out and help us because it's all over my white shirt. Nice first impression. But the office staff was great about it when they could have been evil and mean.
The nurse we saw was great and Sweet Girl even let her look in her ears. Diagnosis: strep throat. I had no idea strep could cause serious stomach pain. We left with a sticker and a script for an antibiotic. After some doses of antibiotic and Motrin she finally went to sleep and slept pretty good last night. Thank goodness because I was beat, I don't think I could have handled another night of only 1.5 hours of sleep.

Poor kid, two days at her new school and she gets strep. Hopefully we don't pick up all the new Arizona germs.
Thankfully the nurse said the chances of Little Man getting it are low. That's a plus but that doesn't help the chances of all the other adults in the house getting it! Send us some well vibes!!

24 February 2008

Light At The End of The Tunnel

The boxes are dwindling down which is nice. The carpet cleaners are coming tomorrow. Sweet Girl's room has been painted so I am anxious to get her room in order. It's a very pretty yellow to match her comforter. The only room that still has a lot of boxes is the play room. I am investigating playroom storage stuff at Pottery Barn kids. I found some I like and thought about getting an activity table as well but not sure if that will eat up all the room up and they won't have any room to play on the floor. We'll have to do some measuring.

Both Little Man and Sweet Girl seem to have some cough and congestion going on. I think it is making them both a little unhappy so I guess I should start to look for a pediatrician.

Tomorrow I go into the office. I have my own space that is pretty much in the middle of the walk way. I'm hoping to get a connection that can get me a better spot soon!!

Well off to unpack more boxes and at least organize the remaining boxes into areas so we know where they should go.

Hope everyone is well. I would love to hear from you. Next week I should be back to emailing a little more.

21 February 2008

First Day of School! First Day of School!

Ok, so I've seen Finding Nemo too many times...But today was Sweet Girl and Little Mans first day at their new school. I really like their school so I was anxious for them to get there.
Sweet Girl went with me yesterday to pick up all the paperwork and asked "Where is my new teacher? Where are my new friends?" so I was thankful for her optimism.

Drop Off:
Little Man - We dropped him off first. He CLUNG to me when we went into his room. And was crying when I left. I heard him crying when I left. I was kind of nervous about this and his crying. Remember when he starts crying he doesn't stop easily. Those poor teachers. Thanks for the break though.

Sweet Girl - She was OK going into the classroom until they starting talking to her. Then she clammed up and held on to my leg like she was hugging a tree. I left her without any tears when the teacher offered her a book. The kid loves books. They are our savior.

Mid morning call to check on Little Man:
Apparently they directed us to the wrong class room. He was in a class of 2 year olds. Once he was moved to the correct classroom he was just fine. I talked to the teacher and he was running around and playing the piano. Hopefully he doesn't sing like his GaGa (ha ha just kidding).

Pick Up:
Little Man- His room was empty so they were still playing outside. As we get closer to the door to get outside I hear crying and I recognize it. Sure enough it was Little Man. According to the teacher he had just started and calmed down when he saw me. All was fine and I think he'll be OK.

Sweet Girl - She was in their neat little indoor playroom referred to as the villiage. I didn't want to get her out of there so we just waited until they were back to their room. The teacher advised us that Sweet Girl did not speak, which caused all the other children in the room to comment to her teacher "maybe she doesn't talk". When she finally did say something they all rejoiced with a "SHE DOES TALK Ms. NORMA!!". She said she had fun and wanted to go back on Friday. Friday is show and tell day!

The Storm and Little Man

Last night we had a storm. Man it was pretty bad, windy as hell and the rain was horrible. It was loud. Not the weather you would expect in Arizona. Sweet Girl and Little Man both have HEPA filters in their rooms to help drown out any noise. They both sleep pretty good but when the storm came I thought it was going to be Sweet Girl who would wake up. Nope it was Little Man. This was not good. When Little Man wakes up he doesn't just got back to sleep. He cries and cries and cries and usually he's actually asleep and still crying. This is what happened last night.

11:45 is when it went downhill.

He wakes up, no doubt due to the storm that sounded like it was going to blow the house away. And he starts crying. Leo goes in to comfort him. Calls me because he needs to pee so I take over and Little Man doesn't want anything to do with me (a BIG change from earlier in the week). Thankfully Leo comes back and tries to comfort him some more. He puts him back in his crib and rubs his back. Oh I also forgot to mention when Little Man cries like this he usually makes himself gag and puke. Which is what happened next.
During this time, now Sweet Girl has gotten up and I have escorted her back to her room, laid down with her so she'll go back to sleep when I hear my name.

Leo changes the sheet, I change Little Man. I take Little Man into our bed to see if he'll sleep. Finally after 45 mins of tossing and turning he finally is out and Leo takes a shower.

Now the debate begins: Do we move him or just leave him in our bed? Lord if we move him the crying could start again. If we leave him in our bed will he want to sleep there every night????
Probably not.
But after some deliberation, I moved back to his crib. He didn't even wake up and slept fine until 7:15. Thank goodness.

19 February 2008

Shelf Liner is GREAT!!

We have all been unpacking and getting things organized. There are even a few rooms that have been declared box free! Yay!! But there are also rooms, such as the master bedroom, that are NOT box free in fact the amount of boxes and stuff in there increased. Oh well we'll tackle that one last.

During the unpacking I have broken down and used shelf liner. I am not a big fan of shelf liner, I think it's kind of overkill. When we moved into our other house, I think like 5 people asked me if I was going to line the shelves. My answer was always the same: No. I just don't like the stuff, it's a pain to put in and I just never saw the purpose in what was brand new cabinets.

Now ,I don't mind scuff marks and what not throughout the closets as long as WE were the ones who made them. I don't like living in some else's scuff marks. I admit this makes me sound like a snob and to be honest with you I really don't care. I like new stuff, I think I am made for new construction. I like fresh paint and I like new carpet. Don't get me wrong I really like our house. It's nice to have a one level and the layout is great, the paint colors are nice and go with our stuff. The kitchen is wonderful and huge with lots of nice cabinets. I really like the kitchen and I like the fact the kitchen and the family rooms are basically all one room. I like the backyard and it has a pool. The kids have a play room and our master bedroom is GIANT. But the carpet is gross to me and I have covered the shelves with liner in the linen closet, the kids rooms and my dad painted the pantry with a nice new coat of paint.
Maybe it's my new new house nesting that I'm dealing with, I need a way to make it feel like "mine". That seems like a normal feeling I would think.

Now that I've lined 3 closets I am quite a pro. They look pretty good and thank God for that magic eraser. I've erased the former owners scuff marks to prepare to make our own!

Now I'm off to call a carpet cleaner and then maybe the former tenants will really be all gone...

18 February 2008

The Movers Arrive

Ok, the movers loaded up in TN in rain and cold. And they unloaded in AZ in rain and cold. It was so ironic that the weather was the exact same.
They got stuck in a snow storm.
They drove all night to get to our place on time.
Then they got lost in Phoenix and arrived almost 3 hours late.

I did feel bad for them, they are really nice people. They busted their ass and worked hard. I would recommend them if your moving across the country or just within the Nashville area.

They unloaded all the boxes, set up our beds and went along their way. I enjoyed having them around as I said before they were an interesting lot of people.

Little Man was ready for bed way before they had gotten to his room and walked around crying for about an hour. I had to go to the store at this point because at that time both kids wanted me and literally almost broke my fingers as they each took one and pulled so that I would pick them up. I know the move was hard on them but I hadn't had a break either and I was getting close to becoming a nutcase. So I went to the Safeway. It was a nice trip and break.

We had a small scare with a lost item and one of Leo's guns. But after about 45 mins of everyone opening all the boxes trying to find it, it was in the place it should have been...the safe. Leo did not, however, tell them this since they may have become nutcases themselves.

Now the boxes are here and just need to be unpacked...

The Hotel Stay and Flight

So now I'll go back and give you an update on what happened during our last night in Tennessee and our flight out.
The kids were excited to get to the hotel, especially running up and down the hallway. I'm sure the other guests enjoyed that sound... They also enjoyed playing with the sliding mirror doors of the closet. It was loud as they slammed it back and forth. My nerves and patience are already below empty so I'm trying my best not to turn into a nutcase.

We have had no normal routine for going on a week by the time we got to the hotel. I've figured out the kids do not do so hot straying this long from their routine. Little Man slept in the pack n play for the last two nights with no problem. However that was coming to an end at about 11:45 PM, about 3 hours after he went to sleep. He wakes up, or really he doesn't wake up but he starts crying. I pick him up quickly so as to not wake up Sweet Girl; who went to sleep with no issues. Yay for that. Then I calm him and lay him in bed with me, bad idea. I then didn't sleep really after this point. Every time he moved I would freak out that he was going to fall off the bed so I woke up. Sweet Girl woke up once and then I laid with her.
I watched the clock until 4:30 AM when I got up. Which I might add is too damn early.

Everyone else got up without any issues.

We load up in the car and send my dad and my assload of luggage on the shuttle. I packed for about a month for me and the kids for the 4 days between the movers leaving TN and arriving in AZ. Yes we each had about 4 outfits per day...Don't know what I was thinking there...

We get to the airport where we had no issues going through security except for the assload of carry on stuff including two laptops and two portal DVD's.

After a scare where I panicked like crazy when I thought I lost my ID, we had eaten a nice breakfast and loaded up in the plane.

We had these harnesses for the kids instead of car seats because I didn't need anything else to add to my assload of luggage or carry on stuff. They worked out pretty well and I am happy we purchased them. We'll use them many times over.

I bought a new portable DVD player, that I charged up and then left in the ON position after I unplugged it so it was dead by the time we got on the plane. But at least we had two. At least I had one smart moment.

Sweet Girl did GREAT on the flight she even took a nap. She enjoyed looking out the window and sitting next to my mom and dad. Little Man did OK for the most part but did have a couple moments of showing off his high pitch screams which got us a lot of nice looks. I don't get that, it's not that I'm sitting there saying to Little Man "Please scream like a crazy kid and make everyone miserable. SCREAM Little Man SCREAM". I don't want to hear it either. But oh well. It was short lived and being a 19 month old confined to a small seat he really did awesome. And God bless the lady that was brave enough to sit next to us. She was a nice lady and very understanding.

Finally we land in Phoenix. Yay!! Until we get outside in what is supposed to be sunny Arizona, to cold and rain!! Yuck. It was in the high 40's and it was raining. At least the highlight of landing was getting to see Leo and the Sweet Girl was very happy to see her daddy. I was happy to pass them off for a few minutes. To at least refill my patience at least a little bit.

But at least we are all back together as a family. Yes that feels nice.

17 February 2008

We Made It

We all made it safely to Arizona. We are all adjusting Ok, some better then others. There has been A LOT of crying going on. Little Man seems to be taking this the hardest so far.

I will add a few posts over the next couple of days to give you the low down on everything that has occurred over the last few days.

Right now I need to go find some of my house that is covered with boxes.

14 February 2008

The Last Day

Well this is it, my last day in Tennessee. I never thought I would be sad to be leaving here since when we first moved here I hated it. I would never refer to it as home but now I really don't want to leave. Obviously that's out of the question now, so I'll be leaving on a jet plane tomorrow.
I have held it together for the past couple weeks of chaos that I have been living in. I even have a million and one things to get done at work, which is where I am right now and should be doing those things, but I won't have any other time to post on this the last day in TN.

I will miss this place, or more so the people that I like and love in this place. I won't miss the crazy stupid drivers that love to turn left from the right hand lane or right from the left hand lane without really checking traffic first. I won't miss the chaos a snow forecast will cause with the schools and the grocery stores. I won't miss the dumbass drivers who do not know that in order to merge into traffic you actually have to use the gas. No I won't miss any of those things. And in fact I know that they will be replaced with probably the same behaviors in my new city.

All the material things I will miss can be replaced. But it's the people that cannot be replaced. My family! My friends I met at my previous job that I still talk to today. My friends I met on Baby Center when Sweet Girl wasn't even a year yet. My friends I made at my current job that even though I will still communicate and work with I won't see every day and talk and interact.

Yes in the age of technology I can email, text or IM anyone at just about anytime, but that just doesn't replace face to face meetings where you can read expression or feel their touch. And maybe I'm better off with email, texting and IM because apparently I have many facial expressions that I think I am masking but really I'm not. So everyone supposedly knows when I am utterly disgusted at hearing when certain people talk and just the general annoyance I'm feeling. I thought this friend was just giving me grief, until someone said to me yesterday: "I'll miss your facial experssions"...and I had a brief ping of guilt when I thought OH MY GOSH everyone really knows how I feel!!

If you haven't noticed I enjoy a tangent in my posts and digress A LOT. Sorry...if you could see my face I'm sure you would be OK with it.

Good Bye Tennessee. I'll be back for visits at least.

13 February 2008

You've Got To Be Kidding Me, Right?

Ok, so it's snowing, and it's snowing a lot (by TN standards that is). Schools are closed. I am completely defeated. I had asked Sweet Girls school to change their Valentine's Day Party from Friday to Wednesday (today) because I didn't want her to miss it. And now schools are closed and she will miss the party anyway. I will send her cards and gift bags to school along with a big envelope so she can get the cards from her classmates. I don't think she realizes she is going to miss it so I am not going to make a big deal about it, but I just feel bad for her. I'm feeding the parenting guilt monster a great meal today!!!

She didn't even get to say good-by to her little classmate friends. I know there are a couple she will miss a lot.

It's really pretty outside, it's a bittersweet snow for me. I've been wishing for snow all season and now we get it 2 days before we go. I love snow which is why it is kind of funny I'm moving to the exact opposite weather! But at least snow is only a couple hours north.

At least the movers got out before it turned to snow, hopefully they are halfway to our new house. I went to the house today and it's empty and lonely.

11 February 2008

The Packers Are Here...

The packers have arrived and my house is in a weird state. There are some rooms untouched as of yet and some rooms that are well underway about finished. The packers are an odd bunch. All very pleasant at least and seem to be moving at a rapid pace. But I guess this is their job so I would expect them to be moving at a rapid pace. I really thought they were just coming to pack the kitchen but they've moved to all areas of the house.
And I have to admit I feel weird just sitting here watching people do stuff in my house. I feel like I should be helping them but instead I am just sitting her writing to you.

I am not sure really what I am feeling today. It's a weird feeling; a mixture of anxiety, sadness, excitement, and really just overwhelming stress. I feel almost disconnected from myself almost.

Well I'm going to get Little Man before he gets packed up.

10 February 2008

One Down...Three To Go

So it's been a crazy week, well weekend. Leo left on Thursday so I've been alone with the kids since then. Thank god for my mom coming over and helping me. Leo and my dad arrived in Phoenix on Saturday, I shall share some of the stories of their travels in the next post or two. At least they arrived safe and sound and didn't hit any bad weather.

One in Phoenix and 3 more to go.

So as the last weekend in Nashville I had a fun weekend with a girls night out and then 2 hours at the doctors office for Sweet Girl's ears. I'll let you decide which was more fun. Nothing like starting the move week with an ear infection, hopefully we didn't pick up anything else at the doctors office. It was like running through a germ gauntlet. I can tell you Audrey and I probably used a whole bottle of hand sanitizer as I chased her around with it after she touched anything. And seriously I wish they had been handing out face masks. I would have worn it. But the doctor was kind enough to fill my request for the z pack since it doesn't have to be in the fridge and we only give it to her for 5 days.

The movers start packing tomorrow and then go in full swing on Tuesday and they will also load the truck and leave with all our stuff. Our house will be empty and ready for new tenants to love it and make their own happy memories here.

My list of things to do grows each time I walk by the fridge. This is where it is taped on since all the magnets are packed away. Hopefully it doesn't grow too long...

05 February 2008

Super Fat Tuesday!

So today is the best of both worlds…eating and voting. It’s Fat Tuesday and you should be enjoying a paczki as you go to the polls. For those of you who don’t know what a paczki, it’s the greatest polish pastry ever. It’s a big old fat jelly doughnut, weighing in at about 20 oz and packed with a whooping 400 calories. Growing up in Detroit we enjoyed this day also known as Paczki Day (pronounced POONCH-kee). It’s a big day for Polish bakeries in the area, check out the article in the Detroit Free Press. It’s unfortunate that no one in these Southern States knows what they are and misses out on their FAT goodness! After all, tomorrow Lent begins and since you’re supposed to be good and give up something you should eat two or three of those little suckers to get your sugar and fat intake for the next 40 days.

And hopefully everyone voted as well if your state has a primary. I was good and did early voting mostly because I thought we would already be gone from TN by the time Super Tuesday rolled around. The only sad part of early voting is you don’t get that great ‘I Voted’ sticker. That didn’t stop me from telling people I voted though! I don’t care who you vote for, well actually I do, as long as you vote. Voting is a great freedom we have and should take part in to protect that and all the other freedoms for which we obscenely take advantage of on a regular basis. Hmmm…since today is Fat Tuesday maybe they should have given out Red White and Blue beads if you voted!

So enjoy Super Fat Tuesday. Vote, Eat, and wear Beads!

04 February 2008

The Good Byes Begin

The good byes have begun. Sunday my parents threw us a Good Bye Open House. And we had a nice turnout as everyone came to bid us farewell. It was a nice gesture and a sad one as well. I held it together quite well actually, partly because I just didn’t feel very good. All of my best friends from here showed up. It was nice to see them and sad to think I won’t see them as often as before.

It’s amazing how much you take for granted when you have friends around. Life usually gets in the way and then something like the move happens and you realize you didn’t get to hang out as much as you would like. One of my best friends had a baby back in July of last year. I have been a horrible friend and haven’t spent very much time with her. Pushing it off as I needed to take care of my family and waiting until things settled down. Now I will miss her sweet little girl growing up and will have to live through pictures.

I’ve done pretty well with not losing it when I think about not seeing all of them very much. Mostly because I’m bad and just don’t think about that fact. I kind of place it far back in my mind and don’t really give it much clout. I dismiss the thoughts as they come. So I guess you could say I’m in denial. I KNOW I am in denial. I also KNOW I will miss them all greatly and I just can’t bear to think about that right now it makes my chest heavy and my heart ache. Who really likes THAT feeling? And I can only hope they will keep in touch and some will come for a visit.

So for any of my friends reading this you better stay in touch damnit. ;)

01 February 2008

Who Knew Eating Would Be So Entertaining

Well I know I said the purpose of the blog would be to keep up with our move but really there is nothing exciting going on unless you want to know about our search for a security system for our new house. Probably not is what I am assuming...
So I was eating dinner tonight with the family and have decided I am and actually have been fascinated by watching my children eat. I used to love watching Sweet Girl feed herself as a baby, it was just so cute with her fat little fingers putting food into her mouth. I don't know why I find this so entertaining to watch. Maybe because they don't care how funny they look shoving their palm up to their mouth to keep the mounds of food they've just crammed in there from falling out. Either way, I find it a joy to watch.
I loved watching the transition of going from using their hands to using utensils and even when they seemed to have mastered the utensils, that didn't stop them from just setting it down and using their fingers because it most cases depending on what you're eating it is easier. Save for soup and cereal in milk. Although Little man did try to eat soup with his hand the other evening. It was sheer entertainment because Little Man eats with gusto. I mean that kid EATS. There is nothing that will get in his way. He is amazing in the quantity he eats and speed at which he can put the food away. I am amazed when I watch him. Even his teachers at preschool comment on his eating. He is the best eater in the class. So much so he even tries to eat other kids lunches. Not surprising either is the fact his first word, and one of the only other words he uses as much as cracker, was "More".
And they both used to get into these modes where they would eat real fast, just shovel the food in there like there was some time clock they needed to beat. It was hilarious. And probably not the best thing to laugh and in turn encourage but I couldn't help it.

I will be sad when these days are over and I'm sure it's coming to an end fast. But until that time I will enjoy eating dinner with my family and seeing the joy of eating.

Did I Sign On For This

Upon the inaugural post of my blog my sister in law, Liz, sent a shout out on her blog about Don't Touch the Cactus. So now I am retuning the favor and using this post to send the shout back. Please go check out her blog, Did I Sign On For This. It's a great blog. Liz writes about everything including her battlle with postpartum psychosis. She writes with blunt honesty about her battle and her journey to hell and back. She is an amazing woman and mom. She also writes about her kids and politics (to be honest I ignore those ones... ha ha just kidding). She's a funny writer and I always look forward to checking her blog when I get to work (and yes it's on a break...maybe...)

I will miss her and her family a great deal when we head out to the desert. We've been through quite a lot together. We shared our first pregnancies together and tried to work off our many many trips to Krispy Kreme or really anywhere that served desert by going to prenatal water aerobics. Now don't be fooled by the fact it has the word "aerobics" in it. Mostly we just floated around on noodles praying we would be less swollen then when we got there.
Her Sweat Pea and my Sweet Girl still have a connection and it's funny when they get together it's like they just saw each other 5 minutes ago. That makes me so happy and sad at the same time. I don't think that connection will break and I imagine when they come visit us in AZ, after about 2 minutes of getting reacquainted they will play like they just played the day before.

So, Thanks Liz for the shout. I hope my blog is half as good as yours!