26 February 2010

Friday? Really?

It's Friday already? Wasn't it just Monday? Well Monday was my last post as you can see the creative spark is having a difficult time getting ignited...

So we'll use someone else's creativity today with the Fill-In's. Check them out here...

1. A cup of tea is generally how I start most of my days.

2. Having family around makes a place feel like home.

3. Everything has its beauty just sometimes you have to really look hard to find it.

4. How can you not love the taste of strawberries?

5. Art makes me wonder sometimes, especially how people get paid for just throwing paint on a canvas.

6. LOL I just noticed I forgot my shoes.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to relaxing with the fam and watching a movie, tomorrow my plans include getting the guest room ready for my parents and dinner with some friends and Sunday, I want to have a fun and always expensive trip to Costco, which will hopefully include a treadmill!

23 February 2010

New Week

After a crazy busy last couple of weeks I am back to posting. I really do miss posting but you know when the kids are not puking, injuring themselves, or our world is not caving I have trouble getting material. I'm so not wishing for sickness, injuries or a caving in world so I will have to get a little more creative.

Hmm...hasn't been my strong suit lately though.

Last week I had to travel back to TN for work. Not the greatest reason for a trip. Work. Woohoo fun. (not).

I was able to get through security quickly and efficiently. I did get stuck next to some kid who would not shut up. I was really looking forward to just reading for 3 hours but nooooo....why would I get that lucky??

Then on my way back our flight was delayed due to a security breach, I was really expecting them to clear the terminal and make everyone go back through security. Our gate was filled with cops, and TSA agents and I knew we were in deep when they busted out the K-9 unit! But then I got on the flight and was left alone and read all the way home. It was so nice. I was happy to touch down and see my sweet kids and Leo.

Well I'm going to go and try to light my creative spark to keep on posting exciting and humorous stuff. We'll see how that goes. Have any suggestions??

Peace Out.

11 February 2010

The Grocery List

I was sitting at the kitchen table this past weekend making my grocery list of items needed for our Super Bowl get together. Sweet Girl wanted to make a list too of the special things she wanted to share with her friends.

This is her list:

  • ice cream
  • brownies
  • chocolate clit cookies

I about died laughing. She asked how to spell 'chip' and I told her to sound it out and spell it herself.
Yeah I have to tell you I'm sure glad that kid never screamed out in the grocery store she wanted chocolate clit cookies.

We had to resort to regular old chocolate chip cookies since our grocery story doesn't stock a rated X aisle.

09 February 2010

I Love February

I think since living in Arizona my new favorite month is February. It used to be November because well it's my birthday month and usually a good representation of Fall. But since November here only causes some depression (both because I'm getting older and because there is no Fall here) I needed a new month to love.

So I've decided it's February at least while I live in AZ. The month of February has provided me with rain, cloudy days, and cooler temps. So I'm loving it. It's a good month. Lots of good stuff going on, it's nice to be happy.

Too bad Februay is a short month!

08 February 2010

Good Stuff

We've had a lot of good stuff going on lately. First I'm so excited to report that Little Man is now using the potty at home. This has been a struggle since he would pee at school but NOT at home. He refused.
And then last Monday the kids were playing outside and he ran in and said he had to pee I suggested he use the potty. I was expecting my usual reply of an adamant "NO!!!!!!!" but instead he ran in. And then screamed "I HAVE PEE!!!". I was so excited I screamed, jumped up and down and acted like a nut job parent. But he could tell I was excited for him and he was excited too. And then we had to call Leo, my parents, and Leo's parents so he could tell everyone he peed in the potty. And then about 30 mins later he went again, and yelled "I HAVE PEE AND POOP!". All be damned that kid peed and pooped in the potty all in the same day, hell the same HOUR. So this is huge news for us. Probably not so exciting for you.

Next on the list, we bought a new car! It's our "toy project". It's a 1990 Jeep Cherokee. It's got snazzy big tires and so we're ready for the off road. Fun!!

We are getting excited about my parents arrival getting close!

We are making good progress on getting all our decorating completed. We were able to finally find lamps for the bedroom. I need to get my "after" pictures to see the transformation. We really need to work on the back yard and rearranging all the chairs and get the best placement of dining table/chairs and then the conversation chairs.

We are getting close to getting the treadmill for the garage and putting the rowing machine back together. And we'll get a heavy bag as well. So it will be our own little gym! I'm really excited about it. I figured every time I wanted to eat crap I'll go walk on the treadmill for five minutes.

And now it's another week. I hope it's better than last week! PMS and work resulted in a really crap week! Looking forward to a new week with more good things.

01 February 2010


I can't believe it's February already. Wow. One whole month of 2010 down and gone forever. I didn't make any resolutions this year. I guess I have some goals I would like to achieve but I didn't create some list of things to resolve. Maybe I'll do better this way.

I did have a fleeting moment where I thought I would participate in Project 365 which requires you to take a picture every day. And then I was going to put them in a book and create a family year book of sorts. I even went as far as thinking that I would keep a journal and ask everyone about their feelings of the day. But it's February and I don't have a picture for every day in January so if I started this now I would really be doing Project 345 because I would have to fake it to cover some of January. But maybe I should still do it. It would be cool to see the kids grow over the entire year. I am sporadic about taking pictures. I really do want to take more of them.

I'm hoping for a few more cool days here in February before we start heating up. I also hope we make it to Flagstaff for some fun sledding. We bought two new sleds at Costco and have been itching to use them!

Hopefully this is a good week, last week was total crap and I was happy it was over. I really enjoyed our weekend. I didn't want it to end. But it did just like always. I am really looking forward to every day being like Saturday/Sunday!