08 February 2010

Good Stuff

We've had a lot of good stuff going on lately. First I'm so excited to report that Little Man is now using the potty at home. This has been a struggle since he would pee at school but NOT at home. He refused.
And then last Monday the kids were playing outside and he ran in and said he had to pee I suggested he use the potty. I was expecting my usual reply of an adamant "NO!!!!!!!" but instead he ran in. And then screamed "I HAVE PEE!!!". I was so excited I screamed, jumped up and down and acted like a nut job parent. But he could tell I was excited for him and he was excited too. And then we had to call Leo, my parents, and Leo's parents so he could tell everyone he peed in the potty. And then about 30 mins later he went again, and yelled "I HAVE PEE AND POOP!". All be damned that kid peed and pooped in the potty all in the same day, hell the same HOUR. So this is huge news for us. Probably not so exciting for you.

Next on the list, we bought a new car! It's our "toy project". It's a 1990 Jeep Cherokee. It's got snazzy big tires and so we're ready for the off road. Fun!!

We are getting excited about my parents arrival getting close!

We are making good progress on getting all our decorating completed. We were able to finally find lamps for the bedroom. I need to get my "after" pictures to see the transformation. We really need to work on the back yard and rearranging all the chairs and get the best placement of dining table/chairs and then the conversation chairs.

We are getting close to getting the treadmill for the garage and putting the rowing machine back together. And we'll get a heavy bag as well. So it will be our own little gym! I'm really excited about it. I figured every time I wanted to eat crap I'll go walk on the treadmill for five minutes.

And now it's another week. I hope it's better than last week! PMS and work resulted in a really crap week! Looking forward to a new week with more good things.

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Crystal said...

Wow! Sounds like lots of fun and exciting stuff going on in your household! :) Congrats to Little Man for having pee AND poop on the potty!

How fun for the toy project! I would really like something to offroad in with the fam - but, I'll probably have to stick to my dirtbike for now until funds for something like that makes it to the top of the 'stuff we want' list.

How exciting that your parents are coming! My mom and step-dad might be moving back to AZ from TX too - so I'm crossing my fingers.

Now if I could just have this baby...