11 February 2010

The Grocery List

I was sitting at the kitchen table this past weekend making my grocery list of items needed for our Super Bowl get together. Sweet Girl wanted to make a list too of the special things she wanted to share with her friends.

This is her list:

  • ice cream
  • brownies
  • chocolate clit cookies

I about died laughing. She asked how to spell 'chip' and I told her to sound it out and spell it herself.
Yeah I have to tell you I'm sure glad that kid never screamed out in the grocery store she wanted chocolate clit cookies.

We had to resort to regular old chocolate chip cookies since our grocery story doesn't stock a rated X aisle.


Basha's Mama said...

Just wait until she finds out about "special" pasta shapes. No more plain macaronni and cheese for that girl! *lol*

Crystal said...

OH.MY.GOSH. Danielle I just about peed my pants laughing when I read that. And then what made it even funnier was when Baby Pants started laughing too, even though she had no idea what I was laughing about. :)

Angela said...

That is too too funny. She is something else.

We Want Tessert said...

She just might be onto something...

My daughter once wrote a grocery list that consisted of milk and vodka. It was kinda' funny to see those two items written in perfect 4-year-old print.

The apple does not fall far....

LarryG said...

too FUnnY^!
stick that one in the memory drawer with her 100 in 2nd grade spelling for her to find one day =)