01 February 2010


I can't believe it's February already. Wow. One whole month of 2010 down and gone forever. I didn't make any resolutions this year. I guess I have some goals I would like to achieve but I didn't create some list of things to resolve. Maybe I'll do better this way.

I did have a fleeting moment where I thought I would participate in Project 365 which requires you to take a picture every day. And then I was going to put them in a book and create a family year book of sorts. I even went as far as thinking that I would keep a journal and ask everyone about their feelings of the day. But it's February and I don't have a picture for every day in January so if I started this now I would really be doing Project 345 because I would have to fake it to cover some of January. But maybe I should still do it. It would be cool to see the kids grow over the entire year. I am sporadic about taking pictures. I really do want to take more of them.

I'm hoping for a few more cool days here in February before we start heating up. I also hope we make it to Flagstaff for some fun sledding. We bought two new sleds at Costco and have been itching to use them!

Hopefully this is a good week, last week was total crap and I was happy it was over. I really enjoyed our weekend. I didn't want it to end. But it did just like always. I am really looking forward to every day being like Saturday/Sunday!

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Michelle said...

i always have good intentions of the 365 thing but always forget to take pictures and post them. oh, well, there's always next year