27 January 2010

Better Day

OK, I'm better today. I had a huge talk with myself. Actually I scolded myself for such ridiculous behavior. And today I feel better.

I woke up and told myself, no more of that horrible behavior today. Today you are happy.
And so far it's worked. I guess I should tell myself that every morning and hopefully I can put the smack down on out of whack hormones.

But I do think because I was so angry and just foul yesterday it helped my motivation because I got so angry at myself for being like that. I forced myself to change. So we'll see how that goes.

And watching The Hangover last night before bed helped as well. I laughed. It was good.

And now I'm going to each lunch.


LarryG said...

so the hangover was good?
been wondering about that one.
glad you are "peeling" better!

Crystal said...

Sorry I missed your foul day - but I'm glad yesterday was better. :) There's a totally cheesy saying amongst all multi-level marketing companies - "Fake it til you make it" - I guess it can work for our bad mood days too huh? We can 'pretend' we're in a good mood, and then eventually we will be! hehe ;)

But seriously, glad you're feeling better - and I bet I've eaten more cookies than you.

Angela said...

Loved 'The Hangover'...Mike and I laughed our butts off. Whenever I am having a bad day my mom always says "Your day will only be as happy as you make it" I want to smack her! lol