11 January 2010

Mommy, Where Were Those Naked Girls?

If you're a friend on Facebook then you may have already seen this conversation I had with Little Man. For those who are not well here you go.

After a bath one evening I was getting Little Man dressed in his pj's. We were making small talk when all of a sudden he asks me "Mommy where was that place we went and saw all the naked girls?"
I am shocked into silence and finally respond with "Ahh I don't know where YOU have gone and seen naked girls."
"Yes we did"
"That time, that time we went and saw all the naked girls"
I am beyond perplexed at this point.
"Little Man, WHO was with you"
"We all went"
"When did we go again?"
"That time"
I'm not getting anywhere obviously. I am so confused on where he saw a bunch of naked girls. Leo is out of town and so I'm trying to figure this out on my own. I'm scanning all recent memories and to my immediate knowledge Leo and Little Man have not ventured out alone and although deep down I know with all my heart Leo would never take our kid to a strip club, I do begin to question. Because where else do you see naked girls? Or a bunch of naked girls? But surely not. I continue to question him, I can't remember everything I asked but it was probably the same question over and over waiting for a different answer. And finally, finally I got it.

"Silly Mommy, it was when we went to the circus"
"Ah I see, but Little Man those girls were not naked"
"Yes they were"
"No they were not"

But I know, I know he probably told his classmates and probably his teacher too he went and saw a bunch of naked girls...
I gotta say we never lack for entertainment with these kids around!


Michelle said...

oh my goodness! that is so funny! there is no telling what he told his teachers & friends! heehee

Deanna said...

Hahah, too funny!!

Basha's Mama said...

You also have to share your teacher's note about the use of the word penis.

Crystal said...

How funny!! :) I wonder what would make him think they were naked? Were they just scantily clad circus girls??