15 December 2009

Taking A Break

I'm taking a blog break. I have been very slacky (it's my new word) with posting and so instead of putting more pressure on myself and not being able to get to it which then puts me in a crabby mood because I feel overwhelmed because I can't do everything, I'm taking a break until next year.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your friends and family. Find joy in everything and remember what the season is all about.

I wish you a safe and fun New Years.

And I hope you come back and read next year.

I'll be back!

09 December 2009

Losing My Multi-Tasking Touch

I used to be good. I mean good at multi tasking. I could do multiple things at once and keep up with them and know right where I left off of one when I moved back to it. But now yeah, um not so much.

Now I become a scatterbrained mess and as I'm sitting here I have to stop and think 'what the hell was I just doing'.

I have a difficult time remembering what day it is.

I think I can max out at 3 different things going at once. Pitiful compared to my previous stats.

I blame it on kids and getting old.

And I think it's time to stop working in the IT world and find something slower and more enjoyable. Maybe I can't multi task anymore because subconsciously I don't want to anymore. I've been there, done that and kicked it's ass. Now I need something less intense to focus on?

I like this answer better than blaming the kids and the fact I'm in my mid-30's.

I'm thinking this will be on the resolutions list for 2010!

08 December 2009

One Heck Of A Storm

You know I love cloudy, rainy, cool and in winter snowy days, and yesterday I got my wish here in Arizona. Oh it was a perfect Danielle day! I opened up my blinds in the office and the bedroom to let more light in because it was that dark still even at 9 AM! Awesomeness! I got to listen to rain hitting the window as I worked.

It actually made me not want to work work but instead do things around the house. And then cozy up with the kids and watch some TV.

So we had a nice evening and had a good dinner, which included the kids making their own tacos. And we even made cupcakes! Yummy!

And we headed to bed early to watch Monday Night Football.

And all was good.

Until about 11 PM when HOLY CRAP it sounded like we had a freight train coming through the backyard. It was so freaking windy. Things were blowing around our backyard like crazy. And the rain, OH.MY.GOSH. It rained so hard. I was happy about it until I couldn't go back to sleep. Then I was like please let up, I just want to hear the light pitter patter of raindrops on the window not what sounds like a firehouse being pointed at the window!

So the entire state got rain and the high country (Flagstaff) got craploads of snow. They even closed the freeway for a while. They had a blizzard warning. Good times for everyone I'm sure, especially those STUCK on the closed freeway!

And we're supposed to get more on Thursday!

07 December 2009

The Geriatric Bowl

We took the kids to their first pro football game last night. We saw the Cardinals and Vikings (which we affectionately refer to as the geriatric bowl). It wasn't supposed to be a night game when we originally got the tickets. They changed the time, which caused me some anxiety because we would be at the game in the middle of our normal bedtime. It could become a witching hour situation with two devil children. Thankfully for us, it really didn't happen.

Little Man had a blast as did Leo and myself. Sweet Girl not so much. A giant football stadium with thousands of people screaming is probably not the best place for a child who is easily overwhelmed and highly sensitive. I kept trying to tell them they could yell as loud as they wanted here. But that didn't work until about the 3rd quarter and then Little Man joined me many times in cheering and yelling. Sweet Girl did liven up after some Cracker Jack (which I am convinced was laced with crack). Both kids were doing pretty good at this point, which made me happy even if it was caused not by excitement of being there but by the crack laced popcorn.

Our trip was not without injury (not surprising to me) during the evening we experienced the following:
  • Feet and partial legs were stuck in the back of the seat (this happened to both kids...).
  • Little Man nailed his eye on the arm of the seat.
  • I got poked in the face by a flag that Little Man was waving like a nutcase.
We did leave about 5 minutes into the 4th quarter which was fine with me. I didn't relish the thought of trying to get out of there with two kids and an assload of people. And of course we also had to purchase a foam finger AND foam claws...

I really had a great time, I would like to go to another one and get there early and actually tailgate a bit. I bet that would be a blast. I might even sport a Cards jersey...

04 December 2009

Hey It's Friday

It's Friday. I am always happy when Friday rolls around. It means we can sleep in tomorrow and we can hang out as a family without feeling rushed.

Last weekend I made a good dent in the cleaning out the office of it's various piles of papers that either needed shredding or filing. Now I have new piles that need to be put away or thrown away or moved around (to create yet another pile somewhere else!). And maybe I can get around to cleaning out some toys. I have to do this when the kids are not around obviously or all of a sudden they have a new found love for something they haven't looked at or touched in six months.

My goal for the playroom is to have all toys have a place and to move all the kids art stuff in there. They have tables and chairs in there now they need to be put to good use. Unless it's paint, that can stay in the kitchen. But paper, crayons, markers, scissors and other assorted items can all be moved in there.

Well it's off for more tea, my hands are freezing because it's a balmy 66 degrees in my office! It feels good to snuggle in a sweater while working. However I don't like cold hands while typing so a nice cup o tea will warm them up.

Have a great weekend.

03 December 2009

Coming Up With The List

Now that I'm older coming up with a Christmas list is difficult. The problem is I don't really need anything. Sure I have lots of wants, but they are not easily fulfilled from a Christmas list. And some of the things I do want are not cheap. Say for instance laser hair removal. I want laser hair removal but who is going to want to get that off a Christmas list? I would also like liposuction, again strange gift for a list, yes? I also want my parents to move out here so maybe I should put 'buy my parents house' on my list. Whoever fulfills that gift will GET something AND GIVE something. Win Win for everyone.

And really only a few people actually need a list, thoughtful gifts are always the best. Unless maybe you're going way off the reservation and think that I might enjoy some rainbow colored leather coat or something. Thoughtful? Sure. Practical? Ah no. Would I still show appreciation for it? You betcha. And I would even suffer some slight guilt as I shoved it WAY in the back of the closet. Or thoughtfully gave it to Goodwill.

So I have racked my brain trying to come up with some random things that I could always use like new shoes, purses, socks, books, etc. And since we'll be travelling gift cards are always a good option. They make for light packing!

And on top of that I have to come up with a list for the kids. Do you know they really don't NEED anything either. We are own toy store. We don't need anymore toys. Sweet Girl still thinks she needs more barbies, the kid has 29. 29 barbies. Anymore and we'll need another tub to store those things in. So my poor kids have new sheets on their list. Can't you imagine THAT excitement when they open those suckers up?
I'll have the camera ready.

If you're making a list (and checking it twice) good luck to you!