03 December 2009

Coming Up With The List

Now that I'm older coming up with a Christmas list is difficult. The problem is I don't really need anything. Sure I have lots of wants, but they are not easily fulfilled from a Christmas list. And some of the things I do want are not cheap. Say for instance laser hair removal. I want laser hair removal but who is going to want to get that off a Christmas list? I would also like liposuction, again strange gift for a list, yes? I also want my parents to move out here so maybe I should put 'buy my parents house' on my list. Whoever fulfills that gift will GET something AND GIVE something. Win Win for everyone.

And really only a few people actually need a list, thoughtful gifts are always the best. Unless maybe you're going way off the reservation and think that I might enjoy some rainbow colored leather coat or something. Thoughtful? Sure. Practical? Ah no. Would I still show appreciation for it? You betcha. And I would even suffer some slight guilt as I shoved it WAY in the back of the closet. Or thoughtfully gave it to Goodwill.

So I have racked my brain trying to come up with some random things that I could always use like new shoes, purses, socks, books, etc. And since we'll be travelling gift cards are always a good option. They make for light packing!

And on top of that I have to come up with a list for the kids. Do you know they really don't NEED anything either. We are own toy store. We don't need anymore toys. Sweet Girl still thinks she needs more barbies, the kid has 29. 29 barbies. Anymore and we'll need another tub to store those things in. So my poor kids have new sheets on their list. Can't you imagine THAT excitement when they open those suckers up?
I'll have the camera ready.

If you're making a list (and checking it twice) good luck to you!


Hun said...

Having the same problem here.... more toys than we have room, LOL.

AMB said...

Same problem here: My list in a nutshell... a clone of myself, 12 more hours in a day, new kitchen appliances, 1 blu ray (julie & julia), some gift card possbilities, and flannel pj pants. lol

Angela said...

My vote is for the laser hair removal. I had that 'procedure' performed when Michael was three... WORTH EVERY DOLLAR! It's always bathing suit season! (if you know what I mean)

Kelly said...

You can never go wrong with a gift cerificate to your favorite spa. As a mom you always need some pampering.

You just got your Kidle so now you need books! So Amazon gift certificates are nice.

The best how about SW gift cards to pay for that trip to NY next year =)

Basha's Mama said...

I ditto the certificate to a spa for the hair removal. I'm treating myself to it this year and it's great so far.

Anonymous said...

Gosh you have been wanting laser hair removal for years gotta hint more to Leo, as for the barbies you can never have too many of those now can you? I remember the boxes of barbies you and your sister had. It was a rather sad day when your sister donated them all to an orphanage in Spring Hill, still have the letter of "Thanks" from them, and to think I was worried Sweet Girl wasn't gonna play with them.