08 December 2009

One Heck Of A Storm

You know I love cloudy, rainy, cool and in winter snowy days, and yesterday I got my wish here in Arizona. Oh it was a perfect Danielle day! I opened up my blinds in the office and the bedroom to let more light in because it was that dark still even at 9 AM! Awesomeness! I got to listen to rain hitting the window as I worked.

It actually made me not want to work work but instead do things around the house. And then cozy up with the kids and watch some TV.

So we had a nice evening and had a good dinner, which included the kids making their own tacos. And we even made cupcakes! Yummy!

And we headed to bed early to watch Monday Night Football.

And all was good.

Until about 11 PM when HOLY CRAP it sounded like we had a freight train coming through the backyard. It was so freaking windy. Things were blowing around our backyard like crazy. And the rain, OH.MY.GOSH. It rained so hard. I was happy about it until I couldn't go back to sleep. Then I was like please let up, I just want to hear the light pitter patter of raindrops on the window not what sounds like a firehouse being pointed at the window!

So the entire state got rain and the high country (Flagstaff) got craploads of snow. They even closed the freeway for a while. They had a blizzard warning. Good times for everyone I'm sure, especially those STUCK on the closed freeway!

And we're supposed to get more on Thursday!


Crystal said...

Yeah it was crazy - our power went out at 10:15pm - right in the middle of the news. So I couldn't find out if we were going to be swept away by a tornado! It came back on sometime in the middle of the night - and when I started dropping everyone off this morning there were downed trees everywhere. Crazy man!

stephanie (bad mom) said...

It's hard to know what to wish for...Last year, we were excited about the first couple of days with snow & school closed but then - it was ridiculous. No one could move within 200 miles.

And we had to make up 5 days in the beautiful sunny early summer :(

Good luck :D