04 December 2009

Hey It's Friday

It's Friday. I am always happy when Friday rolls around. It means we can sleep in tomorrow and we can hang out as a family without feeling rushed.

Last weekend I made a good dent in the cleaning out the office of it's various piles of papers that either needed shredding or filing. Now I have new piles that need to be put away or thrown away or moved around (to create yet another pile somewhere else!). And maybe I can get around to cleaning out some toys. I have to do this when the kids are not around obviously or all of a sudden they have a new found love for something they haven't looked at or touched in six months.

My goal for the playroom is to have all toys have a place and to move all the kids art stuff in there. They have tables and chairs in there now they need to be put to good use. Unless it's paint, that can stay in the kitchen. But paper, crayons, markers, scissors and other assorted items can all be moved in there.

Well it's off for more tea, my hands are freezing because it's a balmy 66 degrees in my office! It feels good to snuggle in a sweater while working. However I don't like cold hands while typing so a nice cup o tea will warm them up.

Have a great weekend.

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Crystal said...

Happy Friday! Congrats on the pile moving. :)