29 May 2009

Fun Evening

I went out last night to enjoy a night of comedy. A friend of mine and I went to see Dane Cook. It was a great show and I really enjoyed it. I needed a lot of good laughs and this show delivered!

I have enjoyed Dane Cook from the first time I saw him on Comedy Central where he was going on about his grandmother being Catholic. Being a former Catholic myself I found great humor in it. And from then on I was hooked. I think he is just hilarious.

We had a quick dinner (that really I wasn't all that happy with) and then hit a bar before the show. They had the best happy hour! $2.50 a beer! Great deal, so we enjoyed the music and a few beers before heading into the arena.

Our seats were good, the openers were good and Dane was great. It was a much needed night after my few nights of a whining Sweet Girl.

The only downfall to the evening was the driver we had to get us there and back. I FEARED for my life at points. He was either drunk (oh the irony in that), falling asleep, or he could not see at night. At one point I started talking to him just to ensure he was awake and his driving was not much better so that left the fact he was drunk or had no night vision at all. Either way was I happy to see my driveway!

And now it's Friday! Let the weekend begin! No real plans just kicking back and enjoying what I hope will be a whine free weekend!

27 May 2009

Every Five Seconds

That is how often I've prayed for intervention this evening. Sweet Girl is bringing on her drama BIG TIME. I've prayed for patience and not screaming my head off what feels like every five seconds.

So far this evening, I've hurt her feelings twice. And I'm not really even sure WHY. She just runs out of the room crying and saying 'Mommy hurt my feelings'. It's been GREAT. Great I tell you. So great in fact I am DREADING the teenage years more then ever at this point. I am dealing with Toddler Angst. It must be the precursor to teenage angst. An appetizer for the hell you'll go through in about 8 years. Or maybe it's some version of Preschool PMS.

This is all topped off with the fact that she is now wearing her glasses, which she doesn't want to wear. They hurt her, she can't see, she doesn't want to wear them, repeat sequence about 15 times a minute.

Whatever it is, it's testing my patience, nerves and my ability to not yell SHUT UP at the top of my lungs.

Thankfully bedtime is only 15 minutes away. A break for everyone is needed and things will be better after a good nights sleep (at least that's my next prayer...).

And P.S. Go Wings, bring on the Penguins!!! One step closer to the Cup!

26 May 2009

My Children Are Part Fish

I'm beginning to think I have children that are part fish. Those kids LOVE the pool. And Little Man who was timid and cried at his first swim lesson, now jumps off the side and swims all over that pool.
He's a little nerve wracking actually because he will just try to swim to you. So we've instituted the 'You have to get permission before you jump in' so we make him YELL 'CAN I JUMP IN' and wait for someone to reply. They both are excellent underwater swimmers and are really enjoying the pool.
Sweet Girl dives and does cannon balls and is now able to get to the bottom of the pool to get rings. She had a problem with this last year because she could get the momentum to move to the bottom and you would have to give her a push.

We adults are having fun in the pool as well, playing catch with the water balls and having noodle races. For the noodle race, we stand on the noodle and basically try to hop across the pool. It's kind of hard and really funny. A good work out and laugh at the same time. And yesterday we made our own wave pool that released a shitload of water from the pool. There was a HUGE puddle that was about three inches deep in the rocks. Probably not the best idea but it was sure fun!

I guess I should know where my kids get their fish habits from!

24 May 2009

New Stuff

I added a new text gadget over on the right. The kids have been coming out with some pretty good comments so I thought everyone should enjoy them too.
I'm not sure if I will change them out or keep a running list. Maybe keep the top 5.

I hope you get at least a small chuckle.

22 May 2009

Friday Is Even Better When It's A Long Weekend!

This week has been nice, there has been some clouds and even rain. Three straight days of waking up to cloudy weather, it's been great. Today Little Man asked me 'Who turned the rain on?' it was cute.
Sweet Girl got her glasses yesterday, this will be quite an adjustment. I will have to pray for intervention every minute to not lost my temper when she starts complaining about taking them off. Please pray for me too.

And now it's Fill In time to start this glorious long weekend (in my opinion as all weekends should be).

1. Moving across the country was the best thing we could have ever done for our life and livelihood, even though it's taken me over a year to even start adjusting.

2. Born free.

3. My best quality is I will go out of my way to help you unless you've pissed me off.

4. Sometimes I have no desire to know all of the details.

5. In nearly 10 years, we've moved SEVEN times (only twice across the country, but all of them required packing and unpacking).

6. A nice long actual vacation that is more than a few days, I'm talking weeks here is what I need right now!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to I'm not really sure yet, probably just chillin at home, tomorrow my plans include again not sure, no plans yet and Sunday, I want to ENJOY the fact I have one more day off!!

21 May 2009

Are Those Your Boobs?

**Warning aside from the usage of the word 'boobs' instead of 'breasts' all other body parts in this post are using proper terminology so if words like penis instead of 'pee pee' freak you out, you can't say I didn't warn you. We always use proper terms in our house.

We've been having some bodily conversations at our house. Thankfully they are at our house and not out in public, but it wouldn't shock me if we had said conversations out in public either actually.

Little Man gave me a hug and is patting me on the back. When he proceeds to say 'Are these your boobs?'.
"Ah, not those are not my boobs. That is my back." This has now started me to think. OH MY GOD do I have back bulge? I can't really feel or see if there is anything that resembles a boob ON MY BACK. Surely not. He is just mistaken, I mean he is only 2.5 years old. Or I have alot more cardio to do and maybe need to find a full body spanx.

We were getting Little Man changed into his swim suit. Anytime he is naked he loves to mention his penis.
"Hey that's my penis" or "Look at my penis"
The other day he had a new question: "What's inside my penis?" I wasn't really sure how to answer this until I realized he was actually talking about his testicles. I advise "Well those are your testicles." Funny look from Little Man and the response "So they don't fall out?" "Not they don't fall out."

Oh the fun never ends. Please let's keep the conversations at home. Please Please Please.

20 May 2009

Beautiful Clouds

Today it's cloudy. It's nice. It looks like rain and while that would be totally awesome the chance of rain I think are slim.

We've had 14 straight days of triple digit temps. It hasn't been too bad actually but I am still not a fan of it. I would prefer the cooler temps of the winter. I think winter is the best part of being in Arizona.

Swimming in the pool has been nice and the kids are basically turning into fish. Little Man has come leaps and bounds from last year; he was so timid and afraid last year. Now he swims to you underwater and back to the pool step. And they are both sporting some nice tans. They get sprayed with SPF 50 before swimming and they have not gotten burned, but take off their suit and they have lily white butts and a nice dark tan. I'm jealous. I used to be like that as a kid.

I'm going to go back to enjoying the clouds. And the giddy anticipation of possible rain.

19 May 2009

The Post I Can't Write

I tend to not blog about political issues or things going on in the world. But the time might be coming for me to start venting.

WHY WHY WHY is the government going to BUY GM? No I don't want GM to fail or file bankruptcy. But the government needs to get the hell out of business. IT IS NOT THEIR PLACE.

Do you realize what this will do to us as a country?

That will be the end of this rant for now.

18 May 2009

Weekends Should Be At Least 3 Days

I really think all weekends should be 3 days. I think it's the only way to get everything you can't get done during the week AND actually get to relax. Two days just isn't enough.
Our weekend was filled with fun. We went to see the new X-Men Origins movie. It was really good. Ate a fantastic and filling with way too much food meal at Oregano's. And swam. Let me just say this: cannonballs into a pool hurt a lot more as an adult then they did as a kid.

I wish I had some witty and cute thoughts to leave you with. But I don't. It's Monday. Blah.

But hey guess what this up coming weekend is 3 days!! Thank you Memorial Day.

15 May 2009

Friday Fill In

I haven't posted since Monday. I'm a horrible slacker with PMS.

1. If we had no winter we would have no cold weather or snow and that would just suck!

2. Fields of blooming tulips is a perpetual astonishment.

3. If I had my life to live over I would have more self confidence in my younger years.

4. I love you seven days of every week and inside of four and twenty hours.

5. If you've never been thrilled you should find a big giant roller coaster and ride front car.

6. To be interested in the changing seasons you have to like more than one of them OR live somewhere that doesn't have FOUR seasons.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to having no plans at all , tomorrow my plans include a movie and lots of swimming and Sunday, I want to swim some more and maybe organize the garage so we can park in it since it's getting to be quite warm out!

11 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Well I celebrated Mother's Day to the max. Not that I needed a reminder that I am a Mom. Those reminders are seen every day with the little people running around and giving me love, and the evidence in saggy boobs that hang to what feels like my belly button. And the battle scars (aka stretch marks) of pregnancy. Which I would do all over again in a heartbeat. In fact I thought I was going to be entering that world again when I requested Leo to buy me a pregnancy test, but alas it was negative as it should be considering I'm on the pill!

But my reminder came at 1:57 AM on Mother's Day. I was on my hands and knees cleaning up puke. Projectile puke that was all over the wall and door and floor of the hallway outside of the bathroom since Sweet Girl didn't quite make it to the toilet. I did it without complaint as it's my job and I didn't mind it at all. I did it with a breaking heart as Sweet Girl was in the shower crying after puking her guts out and screaming I want it out of my hair. Poor kid. Then I slept with her in her bed to be there for her in the event she puked again. I did say a small prayer that she please not puke ON ME. But she was fine. And I slept like crap in her bed. And it made me extremely crabby on Sunday for the better part of the morning and early afternoon. But I turned out OK after a swim in the pool.

And overall the day was good.

08 May 2009

Welcome Weekend, My Old Friend

This has been a strange week for me, I am all out of sorts. I've been confused every day on exactly which day it is. But I do know today is FRIDAY! YAY!!

So let's do some fill ins!

1. Apples are to oranges as vodka is to tequila.

2. I think all political parties need a kick in the ass and that's all I have to say about that.

3. I think I hear the sound of the ocean so we must be close!

4. Honor and Protect our American flag.

5. Do what you want to do, but if you fail get up and try again.

6. Here comes Little Man and behind him was a Radio Flyer wagon; in the wagon was a bucket filled with rocks of course.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going out with my mom, tomorrow my plans include a birthday party, hopefully some shopping for shorts and the Sundown Cookout at Rawhide again and Sunday, I want to enjoy Mother's Day!

07 May 2009


Well Sweet Girl had her first eye appointment today. She was dilated and will soon be the owner of a fine pair of JUICY Couture glasses.

I wear glasses/contacts myself. Leo wears them too so it really shouldn't shock me that she will too. But it does bum me out. I guess I feel like it's my fault, I passed on some crappy gene to her and it's resulted in the fact that she's not even five and has to wear glasses.

But as wrong as it felt buying my four year old JUICY glasses, I was also thankful. She won't have to wear frames that are the size of her own head. She'll wear glasses made for a small face. She won't have to suffer the way I did with the totally unstylish glasses and lenses that were as thick as a reem of paper. Yes for that I am thankful.

05 May 2009

A Wedding, Beer and Dancing, Two Flights with Turbulence and one emtional breakdown (a small one anyway) Or easier...Our Weekend

So yes I have taken a blog break to travel back (yet again) to Tennessee this time for a wedding. At least all my travels are centered around celebrations! Leo and I were on our own this trip. The kids stayed back in AZ with my parents. It was strange traveling in the airport alone and not chasing after small people with an assload of carryons.

Leo's sister was getting married. It was a pretty wedding, her dress was gorgeous. It was a disappointment for her that it had to be moved indoors since it didn't stop raining from the time we arrived. The wedding was nice, rather tame compared to what I am used to for a wedding. The weddings I am used to (Polish Catholic ones if that give you any indication of where I'm going here...) always have someone that makes a complete fool of themselves (which could have been me and my dancing at this wedding actually), a fight be it verbal or actual full contact, lots of drinking (thus explaining the fights), dancing on tables, a fully crowded dance floor and a party that goes well into the early AM. Maybe her wedding was "normal" and all the ones I've attended were not. Who knows, but it was fun and I drank and we all danced. We even went out after wards and danced some more. Where we were all both the oldest and ONLY people on the dance floor. We probably did look like fools. But who the hell cared because I was having a damn fun time. And I cannot tell you the last time I stayed out that late.

Both of our flights were filled with turbulence. On the way there Leo asked that I please not break his wrist. And tried to calm me down by explaining there were experienced people flying the planes. On the way back to Phoenix I cried. Yes call me a sissy if you wish. I didn't scream or yell. I just cried. I was happy to see sun and the Phoenix airport.

And so there you have it. Hopefully I'll be back in the swing of posting. I've missed it.