26 May 2009

My Children Are Part Fish

I'm beginning to think I have children that are part fish. Those kids LOVE the pool. And Little Man who was timid and cried at his first swim lesson, now jumps off the side and swims all over that pool.
He's a little nerve wracking actually because he will just try to swim to you. So we've instituted the 'You have to get permission before you jump in' so we make him YELL 'CAN I JUMP IN' and wait for someone to reply. They both are excellent underwater swimmers and are really enjoying the pool.
Sweet Girl dives and does cannon balls and is now able to get to the bottom of the pool to get rings. She had a problem with this last year because she could get the momentum to move to the bottom and you would have to give her a push.

We adults are having fun in the pool as well, playing catch with the water balls and having noodle races. For the noodle race, we stand on the noodle and basically try to hop across the pool. It's kind of hard and really funny. A good work out and laugh at the same time. And yesterday we made our own wave pool that released a shitload of water from the pool. There was a HUGE puddle that was about three inches deep in the rocks. Probably not the best idea but it was sure fun!

I guess I should know where my kids get their fish habits from!


Crystal said...

Noodle races...too funny! The girls are spending a lot of time in the pool too. Baby Pants thinks she can swim...by herself...at 15 months. This makes for a nerve wracking experience for me, so needless to say, Baby Pants and I don't take very long swims. ;)

LarryG said...

do you think you could post a video of a noodle race!
great post... surely after a couple of tequilas someone should shoot a vid :)