05 May 2009

A Wedding, Beer and Dancing, Two Flights with Turbulence and one emtional breakdown (a small one anyway) Or easier...Our Weekend

So yes I have taken a blog break to travel back (yet again) to Tennessee this time for a wedding. At least all my travels are centered around celebrations! Leo and I were on our own this trip. The kids stayed back in AZ with my parents. It was strange traveling in the airport alone and not chasing after small people with an assload of carryons.

Leo's sister was getting married. It was a pretty wedding, her dress was gorgeous. It was a disappointment for her that it had to be moved indoors since it didn't stop raining from the time we arrived. The wedding was nice, rather tame compared to what I am used to for a wedding. The weddings I am used to (Polish Catholic ones if that give you any indication of where I'm going here...) always have someone that makes a complete fool of themselves (which could have been me and my dancing at this wedding actually), a fight be it verbal or actual full contact, lots of drinking (thus explaining the fights), dancing on tables, a fully crowded dance floor and a party that goes well into the early AM. Maybe her wedding was "normal" and all the ones I've attended were not. Who knows, but it was fun and I drank and we all danced. We even went out after wards and danced some more. Where we were all both the oldest and ONLY people on the dance floor. We probably did look like fools. But who the hell cared because I was having a damn fun time. And I cannot tell you the last time I stayed out that late.

Both of our flights were filled with turbulence. On the way there Leo asked that I please not break his wrist. And tried to calm me down by explaining there were experienced people flying the planes. On the way back to Phoenix I cried. Yes call me a sissy if you wish. I didn't scream or yell. I just cried. I was happy to see sun and the Phoenix airport.

And so there you have it. Hopefully I'll be back in the swing of posting. I've missed it.


Angela said...

In order to save my husband's carpals (wrist bones) when I fly...I just drink before I get on the plane. I know that sounds crazy but no matter how much I fly....I continues to scare the hell out of me! I think it is a control issue.

Kelly said...

Girl you were not in town and did not call me?!?!

Crystal said...

Welcome home! Glad you had a good time sans children and their assload of crayons (ha! that cracks me up). I am so with you on the turbulence on the flight thing. I never used to be afraid to fly until we hit an airpocket on my flight from Miami to Dallas, and the plane just dropped what felt like 10,000 feet...but it was probably really like 100 feet. hehe. So, now I do what Angela does...I drink!

Anonymous said...

Just read this..a bit late. Hope it was all worth the turbulence (and hangover). And I am quite positive we looked like fools.