29 April 2009

My Next Adventure

In one of my sessions with my trainer, she had me kicking a heavy bag. After the my session was over I realized I LOVED it and really had a great time with it. So I asked her what kind of class or martial art I could take that would allow me to do more of this angry activity. She suggested something called Krav Maga.

I looked into it and found that this might in fact be right up my alley. It would give me the fitness benefit with the added benefit of being able to defend myself should that type of situation arise (remember I do live in the kidnapping capital of the US...such a great stat that is...).
I found a center in town that taught it. And I convinced one of my friends to go to the class with me. Because if you're going to be beating up on someone I find it more comfortable to beat up someone you know, at least for your first time. Maybe that's just me.

This class KICKED MY BUTT. I thought I was going to PUKE. And sore? Am I sore? OH.MY.GOD. I didn't even know that many muscles were in my back. WOW. I loved it, it was awesome.

Here is the jist of it, I copied this from Wikipedia and here is the link so you can read more.

Krav Maga is an eclectic hand-to-hand combat system developed in Israel. Unlike most martial arts, Krav Maga is essentially a survival skill. Its philosophy emphasizes threat neutralization, simultaneous defensive and offensive maneuvers, and aggressive endurance in a 'him-or-me' context.

If you go to the link and read the 'Basic Training' section, it's about how my class went. The "warm -up" about killed me. Then we went into simulations of situations. And the end pushed me over the edge - this is referred to "as a way to burn out the students" if you click on the link and read and burn me out it did.

I'll be going back. Yes I will starting in June...


Basha's Mama said...

Whenever I hear about Krav Maga this is what I think of: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6vrt2F8dh4. Perhaps I was a little too in love with Gilmore Girls. :)

Crystal said...

Dude...please stop sharing my brain...this is getting creepy.

I've totally been researching Krav Maga in the last couple weeks because there is a center right up the road from my house, and I wanted to get my girls involved too so they can kick would-be-molester-guy's asses!