13 April 2009

Guest blogger

Hi All,

This is Leo, since Danielle has been remiss in her posting she has asked me to do a post today. I really am not sure what to say or talk about. We had a nice Easter weekend, but unfortunately the egg hunt got rained out and the organizer did not have a back up plan.

There was some good news that came out over the weekend that we can talk about. It appears that our nations special forces have not been packed in moth balls. The Navy SEALs showed they still know what takes to deal with the bad guys. Three shots, three kills in less than easy conditions. Sounds like a good start. Now we can take a lesson from history and do as Thomas Jefferson did and take the fight to the pirates as it was memorialized in the US Marines anthem .... to the shores of Tripoli. Unfortunately our foriegn policy is not what it once was.

Well, I guess that is it for me. Perhaps I will will guest host in the future or I may take Dani's advice and start my own blog as an outlet for my frustration.


Kelly said...


Nice job Leo.

Crystal said...

Nice to "meet" you Leo. :)