14 April 2009

Shoes Glorious Shoes

So I'm a slacker about posting lately. Many thanks to my lovely husband who did a post for me after much prodding (no not THAT kind). He is a good writer and needs his own blog.

I was sick last week. It sucked, I was not pleased. But I am better today and feeling good thanks to the wonderful ZPack of antibiotics.

And so I shall tell you about my cool shoe purchases. I did buy eight (8) pairs of shoes back in TN. Why you might ask yourself? Well I'm not really sure. I haven't bought shoes in a long time and it was time to replenish my flip flop count (it was down to 10 by God...10!! TOO LOW!!! MUST REPLENISH). I am a HUGE fan of the Yellow Box flip flops and the store I have always shopped at (even though it changed owners and is not the same anymore, I am still inspired in their shoe department) always has the new ones at this time of year. So I was excited to make a stop by there.
So in addition to the 5 new pairs of this seasons flip flops, I also added two pairs of Ed Hardy's. I love the Ed Hardy's and tried them on previously here but they didn't fit right. And I still think he has sizing issues because I got one pair in a 6 and one pair in a 7. And WHY did I get two pairs? Because one of them was on sale for $17. Yes you read that right, $17!!! AND I had a coupon! YAY ME!! Who the hell could pass up that deal? Not me obviously.
And then there was a new pair of Privo's. Have you ever worn Privo's? They are damn comfy. I love them. And I really didn't need a new pair. But I was enjoying the attention of the cute shoe boy that was fetching my various shoes and sizes. And after trying them on well, I liked them and so in the "buy" pile, well it was more like a mountain of boxes at this point.
At this point I had to stop, because my count was up to 9, originally I had 3 pairs of Ed Hardy's and thanks to the opinion of the cute shoe boy, I put one of them back. I had done enough damage. I had two shopping bags of shoes to tote around AND pack to take home.

But I was fulfilled and happy and well you know....God I love shoes.

And so here are the flip flops. I now have various prints and colors. Black, brown, pink, multi colored dots, stripes, black with white polka dots, white with black polka dots, big dots, small dots, multi size dots. You get the idea. And do I wear them all. Yes I do. I rotate them out. Laugh if you must. I really don't care. Maybe I have an addiction but an addiction to flip flops is better then say crack. Right? Oh and I also am addicted to weighing myself but that's an entirely different post all together.

Next the Ed Hardy's. I don't know why I love them so, I do. There is something about skulls and hearts. Don't ask.

And finally the probably least "exciting" of the bunch. The Privo's. They are so comfy. I love a comfy shoe.

And so until next year when I replenish my flip flops again, I will not be buying shoes. Unless of course I find a kick ass deal that cannot be passed up!


Anonymous said...

HaHaHa love how you have them just
"picture perfect"

Crystal said...

After reading your post, my shoe collection has now hidden themselves in my closet, blushing and embarrassed at how few they are and how old they are. (except for my black pumps, because they're pretty new and shiny...so they're not embarrassed). ;)

P.S. - I wear my one pair of flip flops until the soles wear out...seriously.

Kelly said...

Looks like you are all set for DW. I need to decide what shoes I'll be taking.

We Want Tessert said...

Spill it---Which store is it?