24 April 2009

Friday Sweet Friday

And yes it's that time, it's fill-in time! Enjoy by reading some more here.

1. Apparently there's some sort of failure to communicate.

2. In Arizona, almost every day is a sunny day.

3. 2009 kicks 2008's ass so far.

4. I didn't believe in love at first sight until I met Leo and that was it.

5. For too long I've been waiting to "really" live my life, but no more! No more waiting.

6. I am not obsessed with weighing myself multiple times a day; I am not! (OK, really that's a lie...)

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to putting all the stuff in the garage away in our newly installed cabinets and removing everything from the garage in preparation for the epoxy floor application, tomorrow my plans include finding a smoking dress for my sister-in-law's wedding next weekend and then going to a cookout at Rawhide (you're singing that song now aren't you! ha ha ha) and Sunday, I want to see my parents!!!


LarryG said...

Thanks friend, something for you at my blog!

stephanie (bad mom) said...

No more waiting - excellent.

Did you find the smokin' hot dress? Because I want to see it when you do...

And yes, I am singing "Rawhide." Thanks a lot. ;D

Michelle said...

haha! i finally had to put my scales away ;) and no fair that it's always so sunny! lol