21 April 2009

Who Knew?

I have blog stats from BlogPatrol. This allows me to see how many people read daily, where they are located and what if anything they searched on to find the blog. I admit I love reading these stats.

Do you know what causes more hits on the blog than anything else? Not anything cactus related, as you might think. Nope it's Michelangelo's Lasagna. I didn't realize how many people searched for this. I can't say I ever searched on it, but it causes quite a few hits. And all because of this post. Where I talked about Michelangelo's Lasagna as the one that killed our microwave. Hopefully my post hasn't deterred sales, although I'm thinking not due to the amount of times people search on this.

The key word searches are probably one of the best stats I have. It is very interesting. People are weird, that's all I have to say. And that includes me just so I'm not singling anyone out. Although I haven't searched on Michelangelo's Lasagna...

1 comment:

San Diego Momma said...

Hi. Please ignore me. I'm just here for the Michelangelo's Lasagna.