08 April 2009

I Can't Believe No One Blew It

I can't believe in that in the pretty much 3 months we had planning my dad's surprise 60th birthday party that no one blew it. No one slipped, we were all perfect (well at least in that regard of keeping the secret). And the party kicked ass! It was a great time and my dad was totally shocked.
He thought he was going to lunch with my sister and her family because he wouldn't be around TN for his actual birthday. He had no idea all his friends and family including us would be there. There was some suspicion raised when my dad sent me an email at work and got my out of office reply. And yes it was odd because we normally tell my parents when we go anywhere and he didn't know I wouldn't be at work. I thought quick and told my mom to tell him we were in Flagstaff. Leo even sealed that deal when he called my dad on his was to the restaurant telling him we had just left the Grand Canyon.

Here are some pictures of his shock and awe when he arrived at the Buca di Beppo with all of us there.

The 'WTF is this' look

The 'Wait, I recognize some of these people, but why are they here' look

The 'OK I get it now. Holy Shit this is for me?' look

His face was priceless as you can see. Many THANKS and props to Leo's Uncle David who took all the pictures for us. He really captured the moment and the surprise we were ultimately going for.

I loved planning it and working with my mom and sister to get everything ready. It was a great time.


Anonymous said...

The whole thing was priceless from planning to the actual surprise. Any time I would look at your father I couldn't help but chuckle to myself, and so many times I would almost blow it by just saying innocent things. Your sister and me talking about Buca's then having to leave the room because we would start laughing, it was just great loved it. Having the family together was the best. Job well done so let's pat ourselves on the back!!!
Love Mom

Crystal said...

How great!! I'm sure you Dad loved it! :)

And I love the captions on your pictures...hilarious.

LarryG said...

that is soooo cool... what a lucky guy!
ditto Crystal's comments on the pics.