02 April 2009

3 Cops and 1 Duck

Saturday night when we are coming home I see something in the road, as we approach we realize it's a duck.
He's a white duck with black tail feathers, just standing in the road. Just hanging out.
I was expecting as we drove by him to check him out he would "talk" or offer up some kind of quack. But nothing.
So I fear he's going to get run over by the crazy drivers coming around the cul de sac. I look for the animal control number.
I found it, dialed it and felt like an idiot when they answer the phone "Chandler Police".
"Um...I was really calling for animal control, I didn't dial the police number" I get out sounding like the idiot I feel like.
"What is the problem?" she asks me nicely. She must be used to weirdo calls like this.
I explain about the duck. She takes all my info (probably logging into the potential pain in the ass caller list because she just called the police about a duck...) and says she'll send someone out.

I go check and he's still out there, but he's now sitting in the road. I am concerned he's either hurt or sick. And based on our luck, we don't need a potentially rabid duck around our house.

About 30 mins later I go check on him again, and the first cop is there. We go out and talk to him and he's called someone else (because apparently there are some crazy ducks in Chandler, mine was not the first "there is a duck on my road" call. ). The next time Leo goes to check and there are now THREE cop cars out there, THREE! For a DUCK! So either they were all really bored or maybe looking for a potential dinner for the next day. This was what Leo wanted to do, I however, did not wish to have that happen.

They were able to get him up to the grassy area in the middle of the cul de sac. And they then left him there. My thinking is, what are the chances he's going to wander off the grassy area? And then becoming road kill. I really didn't want to wake up to find squished duck in front of my house.

He was gone in the morning. I was happy about that.

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Crystal said...

My office complex has a small pond that runs around it, and we have dozens of ducks, geese, egrets, funky birds with mohawks, etc.

They are really cool...at the lake...not in your cul-de-sac. So I'm glad he was gone this morning. :)