27 May 2009

Every Five Seconds

That is how often I've prayed for intervention this evening. Sweet Girl is bringing on her drama BIG TIME. I've prayed for patience and not screaming my head off what feels like every five seconds.

So far this evening, I've hurt her feelings twice. And I'm not really even sure WHY. She just runs out of the room crying and saying 'Mommy hurt my feelings'. It's been GREAT. Great I tell you. So great in fact I am DREADING the teenage years more then ever at this point. I am dealing with Toddler Angst. It must be the precursor to teenage angst. An appetizer for the hell you'll go through in about 8 years. Or maybe it's some version of Preschool PMS.

This is all topped off with the fact that she is now wearing her glasses, which she doesn't want to wear. They hurt her, she can't see, she doesn't want to wear them, repeat sequence about 15 times a minute.

Whatever it is, it's testing my patience, nerves and my ability to not yell SHUT UP at the top of my lungs.

Thankfully bedtime is only 15 minutes away. A break for everyone is needed and things will be better after a good nights sleep (at least that's my next prayer...).

And P.S. Go Wings, bring on the Penguins!!! One step closer to the Cup!

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LarryG said...

how about those wings!