20 May 2009

Beautiful Clouds

Today it's cloudy. It's nice. It looks like rain and while that would be totally awesome the chance of rain I think are slim.

We've had 14 straight days of triple digit temps. It hasn't been too bad actually but I am still not a fan of it. I would prefer the cooler temps of the winter. I think winter is the best part of being in Arizona.

Swimming in the pool has been nice and the kids are basically turning into fish. Little Man has come leaps and bounds from last year; he was so timid and afraid last year. Now he swims to you underwater and back to the pool step. And they are both sporting some nice tans. They get sprayed with SPF 50 before swimming and they have not gotten burned, but take off their suit and they have lily white butts and a nice dark tan. I'm jealous. I used to be like that as a kid.

I'm going to go back to enjoying the clouds. And the giddy anticipation of possible rain.

1 comment:

Crystal said...

Yay for the clouds!

My random quote for today because of the Beyonce song that is on right now is..."If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it." Word up Beyonce.