30 November 2009

Ahead of the Game!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. We had a great meal in Flagstaff, we saw a movie and we went on a hike (we call it a hike for the kids sake but it was really a walk). We had great weather and it was an overall good time. We came home on Friday which was nice considering we still had two more days off! YAY!

We have our Christmas tree up and stockings hung. We put up our small tree this year because we donated our big tree to Leo's new office. We will get a new one next year. We have random Christmas decorations around the house as well. We've have some decorating changes going on too. It's really coming together! And really feeling like home.

We even saw Santa yesterday. The kids were so excited until they got in front of Santa. Then they froze up like little mutes. Suddenly silenced by fear of being THAT close to Santa. Our picture is really great (insert sarcasm), Little Man has a blank look on his face, nothing near a smile. And Sweet Girl has a slight smile but the reflection off her glasses makes her look like she has one eye larger than the other. I guess maybe we should start a tradition of those kinds of pictures with Santa. None of those cute smiling ones where they look excited, but ones that look like we've tortured them by sitting on his lap. I think that will make the crappy pictures much more exciting to buy. I'll be the only one in line telling the kids to make the worse face you can instead of smiling. I really like this idea!

I am really in the Christmas spirit this year. I am looking forward to the holiday and seeing the kids joy on Christmas morning. And being with all our family. I am excited to do our countdown calendar where I will put some candy treats and little "activities" we need to do each day.
I hope my feeling and spirit don't start waning as Christmas day gets closer!

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Angela said...

In order to qualify as a hike, a large stick must be involved!
Enjoy the Santa thing as long as you can. This is the last year I am sure for Michael. I know he knows but he doesn't want me to know he knows, ya know! I hate they grow up.