20 November 2009

Week In Review

Again, I have to say I'm surprised it's Friday. The week blew by like last week! I haven't posted since Monday. I am a slacker! Here is a quick recap of some of our highlights from the week.

1. We had Sweet Girls b'day party at the park on Sunday. It was a great day. Everyone that RSVP'd actually showed up! Amazing. We had a bounce house and the kids had a great time. She scored some girly loot and all was well.

2. Just in case you didn’t know I was informed by my son the other day that I am a beaver. He says to me: “Mommy you’re a beaver because you like to eat wood” . This caused Leo and I to laugh so freaking hard. And Leo then tells him “Not as often as I would like Little Man”. Nice. And you wonder why I think my kids are weird sometimes...

3. Never let Toys R Us put your bikes together. We had "professional" assembly and ended up having to take it back. What a cluster. The brakes didn't work, the tires were flat and Little Man's seat fell off, etc. Even with unemployment at like 10% you still can't find good help...Good times. And it was like torture to the kids to see their bikes and have to say sorry you can't ride them. But now the kids have been riding their bikes like crazy around our cul du sac. And the weather is great now so we can sit outside and enjoy it as well.

4. To go along with my kids being weird (and really I would expect nothing less, considering are in fact MY children and I am myself weird and not normal. You can't say you haven't noticed). They have been OBSESSED with potty humor. Where the humor is in adding the words pee-pee and poo-poo into the ABC's is beyond me. However I did have to laugh at something. When Sweet Girl puts her hands on her hips and says "I'll get you with my pee-pee power". That is some funny shit (oh yeah pun intended...cracking myself up here). But then maybe you had to be there...

5. And lastly, I'll end the week with the fact that I'm wicked tired. Some girls and I camped out for 5 hours waiting for the midnight showing of New Moon. Yes I did it again, laugh if you must I really don't care. I have to say this time it was more than the actual movie, it was a fun girls night out doing something you don't normally do. I think I was really drawn to the energy and excitement that was around there. It was fun. And the movie was MUCH better than the first one. I will admit I thought the first movie sucked ass compared to the book. I just didn't get why when you had such a following and attraction to the book you would change up SO much stuff but I digress. This one was better. I had fun, good laughs, good friends and food and warm drinks. I also met some nice ladies. We laughed at making up potential movies for Lifetime or the Hallmark channel.

This weekend there isn't much on tap. We need to movie some items into a storage unit just to get them out of the house. We'll be saving them for my parents when they move out here. Which needs to happen soon, I think that's all I want for Christmas. So if you know someone looking for a house in south middle Tennessee, you let me know I have a great house option for you!
I need to go through the kids clothes, file some bills and assorted items that are in piles around the office.
Happy Friday!


Crystal said...

1. Thanks for inviting us to the bday - we had a blast!
2. That is some funny sh*t about eating wood.
3.I put Baby Pants' bike together that I got from Target - the front wheel fell off. Yeah...I suck.
4. Potty humor is hilarious - especially at Sweet Girl and Little Man's age. My Monkey loves it if I throw the words "fart", "poop" or "pee" into a song.
5. Somewhat jealous about the midnight showing outing, since you got to see it first - but, I just couldn't hang out for 5 hours waiting to watch the movie. We are going to go tomorrow night - that's what we did last time - we went on Saturday night after all the peeps had time to go the midnight showing or a Friday night showing...it wasn't nearly as crowded. I also thought Twilight deviated a lot from an already good plot - so I'm looking forward to New Moon since I've been hearing it's much better - as you also confirmed. :)
6. Your parents are moving out here?? YAY!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

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