05 November 2009

The Best Birthday Present Ever

Five years ago I got (well actually I birthed) the best birthday present ever. I had Sweet Girl on my birthday and I doubt I'll ever receive anything better. Although the a big lottery win would be a close second!

In the five years she has grown to a shy, smart, funny and bright little girl. No longer a baby or toddler, she's reading on her own and sharing her thoughts and opinions. She is one of the best joys of my life. She is quite the gift to our family. I cannot imagine my life without her. Even though she knows how to push my buttons and drive me batty at times, she is learning to exert her independence and learning to be her own person.

I will do my best to prepare her for the world ahead of her. It is my wish for her that she continues to grow as a smart, funny and bright girl. It is my wish she knows she can do anything she wants, she may have to try a few times but she will succeed. It is my wish she always loves herself and has the confidence to walk with her head high in everything she does.

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Girl.

And Happy Birthday to ME too!


mrfloyd3d said...


Love Father
Love Grand Dad

Holli said...

Happy Birthday to you both!
Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday can't believe 34 years ago today we became first time parents...can't believe 5 years ago we became first time grand-parents wow
Love Mom
Love GaGa

Crystal said...

Don'tcha just love moms who post your age for all the blogsphere to see? hehe (just kidding Danielle's mom). Well we DEFINITELY have to do lunch now - I didn't know it was your bday today! And how cool that you share your bday with Sweet Girl! Have I ever mentioned that our girls are 9 days apart? My Monkey will turn 5 on the 14th of this month. Pick your favorite lunchie type place, and a day next week (M, W, F) and we'll celebrate!

Deanna said...

You got a wonderful daughter as a present and sweet girl got a wonderful mommy. Happy Birthday to you both!!

Angela said...

That is so awesome you guys get to share your special day. I must say I am a little jealous. Not so much from the actual day but the girl thing. Oh well, Mike says I am missing out on a lot of drama! I highly disagree.