03 November 2009

A Day In The Life Of ME!

San Diego Momma has a writing exercise called PROMPTuesdays. I will participate today because well I can easily drone on about all my daily activities. While I could easily put the highlights of my day into bullets, that would defeat the purpose of said exercise.

Here's the dealio: For PROMPTuesday #80, please write about your day in specifics (yesterday counts). What happened (or didn’t happen more like)? Tell me the details. Did you wake in a bed of crumpled sheets and wandering pillows? Who was next to you? What did you have for breakfast? Where did you go? What’s the weather like over by you?

And so let's learn what a day is like for me...hopefully you're still awake by the end...

I woke up around 6:10 AM. Ugh. It's still dark out at this hour. I hate getting up when it's still dark. Leo turns the shower on and goes to get the kids. I request to shower first because I need to wash my hair AND shave my legs. I try to alternate these so I'm not doing both in the shower each time. It's just too time consuming. Anyway, uneventful shower time, hygiene completed.
I get dressed.
I log into my work PC, log on to the VPN to start my day. Open my email, try to check some of it before I have to get the kids ready for school. Sweet Girl is not happy about going. She says her tummy hurts. She's faking it now because she was totally fine on Sunday. Her nose is running a lot, I do give her some sudafed (yes I still use REAL sudafed on my kids, it works and they are happier).
Leo doesn't feel good, I guess maybe he's not the germ carrier I originally thought. Or maybe just not THIS germ carrier. He is of all others. He proclaims he'll probably see me early. Buckle kids in carseat, give hugs, kisses and love yous.
I get back to my desk, check in. Do a quick stop to make the bed and blow dry my hair.
Now reply to emails, get work started. Attend meetings, oh the meetings. I hate meetings. And all mine are over the phone today because I'm not going into the office. I have four meetings, and I work in between.

I had a protein shake and fiber bar for breakfast. I laugh to myself as I eat the fiber bar because my friend Michele and sister in law Liz both make fun of me because of my fiber obsession. It's good for my health at least!
I make myself some hot tea too. I set the timer on the microwave since I am notorious for over steeping. I aim for 4 mins of steeping, it's good. I have two cups, one black one green. I love tea.
I eat lunch next in between working and meetings. Nothing exciting. I made a sandwich and freaked out because I didn't notice the cheese I picked had mold on it, very weird. I just took it off. But I had a hard time finishing that meal. I ate a banana, apple, and a tomato. I had some grapes. I needed to add more veggies, but obviously failed at that part today.

Around lunch time Leo comes home. He lays on the couch. He's such a man when he's sick. He gets in bed before I am done with work and closes the blinds in the bedroom. I like them open a bit so it's not cave like dark in the office.

It's 3:15 work is over so I head out to get the children. I talked to my mom on the way over to the school. Go in get the kids, they are in good moods. It's nice when they are in good moods when I pick them up. I asked them what they did, and they gave their standard answer of 'I don't know'. Sweet Girl tells me her nose ran and she sneezed a lot. I give them their after school snack of fruit snacks. Sweet Girl falls asleep in the car on the way home.

At home, Leo is still in bed. I foresee it will be me alone tonight making dinner, giving baths, bedtime, etc. I am somewhat annoyed by this because last week when I was sick I still helped out. Oh well. Sweet Girl and I did her homework. I unloaded the dishwasher, loaded it back up. Attempted to clean up the kitchen a bit. It still looks messy.

I made an exciting dinner of pasta for Sweet Girl and me and waffles for Little Man. It's what he wanted and I didn't have to do much so I was good with it. Leo made himself some soup. It was a nice evening really with the kids and I. I enjoyed their company. The kids played on the computer and of course had a fight over it. Nice. Didn't I just say I liked their company, I should add when they're not fighting.

Bath time, pajama time, TV time, bedtime. We watched Dragon Tales. Again. We watch the hell out of that show. It annoys me. I check my gmail account, respond to a birthday invite and get the kids drinks for bed.
I read to Sweet Girl, then go lay with Little Man. After changing a poopy diaper. Always a pleasure.

After the kids are in bed, I get my workout clothes on and pick up a book as I wait for my trainer to come over.
She arrives, I work out and feel OK about it. It was an OK workout. I hate when I can't do stuff without stopping for a break.
I help her take all her stuff out to the car, the neighbor stops over to tell us our house looks great. We had it painted. It does look good I have to agree. He invites me to their churches rodeo or something. I tell him I'll talk to Leo. I like the neighbors they are very nice. But they kind of make me uncomfortable sometimes. I think I feel like I'm being evaluated as a possible second wife or something.

I come back in the house, take a shower, read some more and then head to bed. After I am comfy in bed and asleep for a while, Sweet Girl comes in and I walk her back to her bed. And then back to sleep for me.

So there you go, the exciting details of my day. Real exciting, eh!

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San Diego Momma said...

I love knowing what you eat!

For real!
But why you gotta be so healthy? I felt pangs of contriteness when I considered the 1lb. Del Taco burrito with taco chaser I ate the other day.