04 November 2009

Medical Annoyance

I am annoyed at my pediatricians office. I am annoyed that they did a blanket diagnosis of Sweet Girl by telling me she had the beginnings of H1N1. We had to go to the doctor last week because we were all sick and Sweet Girl was complaining of a tummy ache and her legs hurting. This usually indicates she has strep. She had a low grade fever of 99-100. Nothing major.

They do the strep test, the quick test is negative. So then the ASSUMPTION that she has H1N1 flu is given. This was all because she presented with a low grade fever and a tummy ache. They tell me her temp could spike up to 105 and she may not have a temp and then take a nap and it's up to 104+. They tell me they see 30 kids a day with H1N1. Sure they do because they are assuming that's what it is, they are not doing any real test to determine that.
I am totally in shock by this and my initial reaction is no way does my kid have the flu. She is not acting THAT bad because before I even took her temp I thought she was faking it because she didn't want to go school.

Shockingly enough by Friday she was fever free. No H1N1 here.

I am annoyed by the hysteria the media is causing about this. Do I want my kids to be sick? No of course not. Do I want them to get the flu? Obviously not. Do I want to be thrown into excessive worry because OMG the swine flu can kill you? Duh, no. But guess what the other flu strains can kill you too.

Rest assured any swine flu/H1N1 "stats" are totally skewed. Especially if everyone is diagnosing just on the fact you MUST have it if you have a fever and body aches. No it couldn't be a cold or another flu strain. It HAS to be H1N1.

I am happy to report that everyone here is on the mend. Yay!


Crystal said...

All of us were at the doctor yesterday too. Two of the girls symptoms started out with fevers of around 103 - my 4 yr old had the fever for about 3 days - my 1.5 yr old had it for only 2 days - and both I just treated with Tylenol. But then the symptoms turned into runny nose / annoying cough - then I got it, then my husband got it, then my 7 and 11 yr old got it - but none of us (the older 4 people) had associated fever with it. We were just tired of the coughing - on Monday we received a call from my 1.5 yr olds daycare provider saying they had a confirmed H1N1 and she only watches 10 kids - but the first thing I thought was "Really? They confirmed it?" Because everything I keep hearing is that doctors are just jumping to the conclusion without doing any actual tests. So, anywho - we all went to the doc yesterday - they didn't like the way my 4 yr old's lungs sounded so they did chest xray to rule out pneumonia - it was bronchitis. And then they did a nasal swab on the baby since she had been the one supposedly exposed to H1N1 - I'm assuming the swab was just to check for a flu strain - not necessarily H1N1, because what I've been hearing is it takes 24 hrs to determine the exact strain. Anywho - she tested negative for flu - we were all diagnosed with Upper Respiratory Infections, and given amoxicillin for the kiddos and cephalexin for me. Yippee. But we're all feeling a bit better each day - I agree with you the media hype around the H1N1 is totally ridiculous. I think more people died from the regular flu last year than H1N1 right? Sorry this was really long. :)

Basha's Mama said...

I cannot believe that Dr's are just giving a diagnosis without even testing for the regular flu - this makes me mad too. They obviously don't know the stress of going home with a sick child and worrying all night about every breath they take. Glad your house is getting better!

Hun said...

We are in the same boat, except the Drs keep saying it isn't H1N1, without testing, LOL. I'm sure it is just the good ole flu for us, but Emily's constant fever for a week had me worried. Hopefully we get the reults of her stool cultures soon.

Hope you all get well soon!!!