10 November 2009

The Bad Dream

It's 5 AM, I am sleeping peacefully. Dreaming. And then I am rocketed out of my dream by screams of terror and screams for Mommy. Little Man had a bad dream. Leo and I run in there and poor Little Man is trembling. I take him back to bed with us and try to get back to sleep. I do fall back asleep but just as the alarm goes off. Ugh.

After asking Little Man if he remembers screaming and if he had a bad dream, he replies Yes. But doesn't remember the dream. That is until Sweet Girl asked him. Then I found out, he was terrified of giant scorpions crawling on his bed. And really I would probably scream in terror myself in that situation. He went on to show Sweet Girl where they crawled up on his bed and where they were in proximity to him on the bed. She was grilling him about the size of the scorpions. It was an interesting conversation.

And this was his first bad dream, at least the first one that resulted in full on screaming in absolute terror. That is not a scream I wish to hear again!


Crystal said...

Phew! Yeah, nothing scarier than the bad dream shriek that you don't "know" is a bad dream shriek - but could possibly be a 'monsters are real, and there's one in my bedroom right now!' shriek - and you run in there with a baseball bat just in case. :) Dreaming about scorpions would be pretty darn scary.

LarryG said...

Those Darn Giant Scorpions!

Kelly said...

Awww, poor baby and mommy and daddy. Here's to hoping it doesn't happen again any time soon.

Holli said...

Poor guy! I have nightmares about scorpions too...I don't think I could jump out of bed and pull down the sheets any faster!!
Hope all of you have better nights from now on.