13 January 2010

The Incident Report

This is just Little Man's week. He's the blog star of the week. And he is apparently becoming "that kid" in his day care class. Here is a recap of an "incident" report I received one day as I dropped him off. He is apparently quite proud of his "parts".

Recap: While teacher was assisting other child in class, Little Man and another student took their pants down and were showing their private parts to the other students.

Action Taken: Teacher advised we don't do that in the classroom.

Child's Response: Child just stared at teacher.

I was OK until I got to the child's response section...then I lost it laughing. What did they expect?

So I have a talk with Little Man that he shouldn't go around showing off his penis at school or anywhere else for that matter. The next day, I asked him before he left for school "Are you going to show anyone your penis today?" "No Mommy."


I picked him up that afternoon and asked the teacher if he kept his clothes on today. She said yes and went on to say that she talked to the class and that the only place they can take clothes off is in the bathroom. Well this apparently gave Little Man another opening for sharing his glory. As she then told me that after explaining this to the class, she overhears Little Man and another kid in the bathroom with Little Man saying "Mine is bigger than yours!!"

It starts young people. Apparently size matters even to the 3 year olds.


Angela said...

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life with boys...turned teens...turned men....it never, never, NEVER stops!

Crystal said...

Holy crap!! The teacher actually recorded 'Child just stared at teacher' as the Child's Response? That's freakin hilarious! :D

How funny about the comparisons in the bathroom! But now I'm having a "You better be a girl" day (while patting my extremely huge belly). I alternate between, "Be a boy" and "Be a girl" days - I just do NOT know what I'm going to do if my baby is a boy.

Kelly said...

Classic! Boys start early LOL