21 January 2010

Storm of the Century

Ok, well maybe not that monumental but we are gearing up for a good one here in Arizona. It's affecting the entire state. For us in the valley, we're getting a crapton of rain (reported an inc an hour) and high winds (reported gusts of 60 mph).

The high country (AKA Flagstaff) is getting a crapton of snow (reported 36 inches) and also high winds.

Parts of the freeway heading north are closed and school districts are telling parents to keep their kids home (why they didn't just CLOSE the school is beyond me, but really what do I know) to avoid flooded roads.

So what does this storm mean? Besides the obvious wind and rain? It means we'll have horrible flooding and all the idiot drivers come out to attempt to drive across a wash and then get swept away and need rescuing (again because they are idiots). At least they are fined the cost of the rescue. But still really, you don't know by now that you shouldn't attempt to drive through a flooded wash? Really? Maybe they should have read the Phoenix Police tips for driving in bad weather.

I do love a good storm you know. And I do kind of wish we were in Flag to experience almost or over three feet of snow! I for see a visit with lots of fun sledding!

I think I'll have to post a picture of my flooded back yard, I'll update that later.

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Deanna said...

I like the use of crapton