19 January 2010

Ugly Stuff

Do you have anything that is so ugly that you just love it? I have been searching for the perfect dishes so I can set my formal dining table. We never actually USE the formal dining table so I'm going to set it as part of my decorating. The search for these plates has been long. I finally found some at Target and they were on clearance. Score!

They were on clearance because no one wants them since they are so ugly. But they have the main color I was looking for and I think they are so ugly I like them! So the table will be set with them. I tried to find a picture on Target.com but I can't find one on there. There are some other ugly dishes on there but not the one I got. I'll have to take a picture of the finished table.

Do you have something ugly that you just love?

1 comment:

Crystal said...

Ummm...just a pair of jammies that Aaron calls my "ugly jammies". It's a tank top and pajama pant ensemble - where the top is just a plain teal color - but the pants are a paisley design with teal and blue and yellow and probably some other funky colors too. They look especially awesome now that I'm hugely pregnant and half of my belly sticks out from under the shirt.