23 February 2010

New Week

After a crazy busy last couple of weeks I am back to posting. I really do miss posting but you know when the kids are not puking, injuring themselves, or our world is not caving I have trouble getting material. I'm so not wishing for sickness, injuries or a caving in world so I will have to get a little more creative.

Hmm...hasn't been my strong suit lately though.

Last week I had to travel back to TN for work. Not the greatest reason for a trip. Work. Woohoo fun. (not).

I was able to get through security quickly and efficiently. I did get stuck next to some kid who would not shut up. I was really looking forward to just reading for 3 hours but nooooo....why would I get that lucky??

Then on my way back our flight was delayed due to a security breach, I was really expecting them to clear the terminal and make everyone go back through security. Our gate was filled with cops, and TSA agents and I knew we were in deep when they busted out the K-9 unit! But then I got on the flight and was left alone and read all the way home. It was so nice. I was happy to touch down and see my sweet kids and Leo.

Well I'm going to go and try to light my creative spark to keep on posting exciting and humorous stuff. We'll see how that goes. Have any suggestions??

Peace Out.


Leonard said...

And I thought you had not posted because you had been too busy, but now I know. You are just a slacker.

Angela said...

Like you, I don't pray for problems to write about but it does supply a certain fodder to springboard off of!