01 February 2008

Who Knew Eating Would Be So Entertaining

Well I know I said the purpose of the blog would be to keep up with our move but really there is nothing exciting going on unless you want to know about our search for a security system for our new house. Probably not is what I am assuming...
So I was eating dinner tonight with the family and have decided I am and actually have been fascinated by watching my children eat. I used to love watching Sweet Girl feed herself as a baby, it was just so cute with her fat little fingers putting food into her mouth. I don't know why I find this so entertaining to watch. Maybe because they don't care how funny they look shoving their palm up to their mouth to keep the mounds of food they've just crammed in there from falling out. Either way, I find it a joy to watch.
I loved watching the transition of going from using their hands to using utensils and even when they seemed to have mastered the utensils, that didn't stop them from just setting it down and using their fingers because it most cases depending on what you're eating it is easier. Save for soup and cereal in milk. Although Little man did try to eat soup with his hand the other evening. It was sheer entertainment because Little Man eats with gusto. I mean that kid EATS. There is nothing that will get in his way. He is amazing in the quantity he eats and speed at which he can put the food away. I am amazed when I watch him. Even his teachers at preschool comment on his eating. He is the best eater in the class. So much so he even tries to eat other kids lunches. Not surprising either is the fact his first word, and one of the only other words he uses as much as cracker, was "More".
And they both used to get into these modes where they would eat real fast, just shovel the food in there like there was some time clock they needed to beat. It was hilarious. And probably not the best thing to laugh and in turn encourage but I couldn't help it.

I will be sad when these days are over and I'm sure it's coming to an end fast. But until that time I will enjoy eating dinner with my family and seeing the joy of eating.

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