25 February 2008

Day 10 in Arizona = ER Visit AND A New Pediatrition

Day 10 in Arizona was ushered in with a very sick Sweet Girl. We spent most of Sunday evening and early early Monday morning with a visit to the Phoenix Children's Hospital ER. I was sadly disappointed and probably could have cried as much as some of the kids in there. Sweet Girl was complaining about a tummy ache, headache, her mouth hurt, she had a fever and was breathing like she was in horrible pain. It was awful. We are not the ER type; In the over 3 years we've had kids we've never gone to the ER until last night. She freaked us out. So we went. What a mistake. We arrived at 4:15 drove around the parking lot due to inadequate signage. Finally we get in there and wait and wait and wait and in the 2 1/2 hours we were there they only called TWO kids back. We finally conceded and left thinking we could find a pediatrician that would see a new patient that was sick. We have been up since midnight and functioning on 1.5 hours of sleep.

After searching and finding a pediatrician that would see a new patient SICK, we headed there on Monday afternoon. We got there and are ready to check in and she pukes all over me, her, and the floor. It's nothing but bile and I can prove it to the nurses who come out and help us because it's all over my white shirt. Nice first impression. But the office staff was great about it when they could have been evil and mean.
The nurse we saw was great and Sweet Girl even let her look in her ears. Diagnosis: strep throat. I had no idea strep could cause serious stomach pain. We left with a sticker and a script for an antibiotic. After some doses of antibiotic and Motrin she finally went to sleep and slept pretty good last night. Thank goodness because I was beat, I don't think I could have handled another night of only 1.5 hours of sleep.

Poor kid, two days at her new school and she gets strep. Hopefully we don't pick up all the new Arizona germs.
Thankfully the nurse said the chances of Little Man getting it are low. That's a plus but that doesn't help the chances of all the other adults in the house getting it! Send us some well vibes!!


Darth Maul said...

A man was walking on the beach one day and he found a bottle half buried in the sand. He decided to open it. Inside was a genie. The genie said,” I will grant you three wishes and three wishes only." The man thought about his first wish and decided, “I think I want 1 million dollars transferred to a Swiss bank account. POOF! Next he wished for a Ferrari red in color. POOF! There was the car sitting in front of him. He asked for his final wish, " I wish I was irresistible to women." POOF! He turned into a box of chocolates.

Anonymous said...

Poor Sweet Girl! And poor you. I think the stomach symptom might be common in young kids. Sweet Pea's friend Connor just had it and he threw up all over the place too.
I hope she gets better! Did you have to take off work?

Basha's Mama said...

You're missing out on a good ol' TN snow day today - a whole 1/4 inch of snow shuts everything down! :) I hope the kiddos feel better soon and you survive work on so little sleep. Miss ya! - Judy

Anonymous said...

Hope Sweet Girl gets better soon! I FEEL YOUR PAIN!
Carson is recovering and doing well from getting tubes in his ears and adenoids removed. Maybe this will cut down on his siknesses! Beth