21 February 2008

The Storm and Little Man

Last night we had a storm. Man it was pretty bad, windy as hell and the rain was horrible. It was loud. Not the weather you would expect in Arizona. Sweet Girl and Little Man both have HEPA filters in their rooms to help drown out any noise. They both sleep pretty good but when the storm came I thought it was going to be Sweet Girl who would wake up. Nope it was Little Man. This was not good. When Little Man wakes up he doesn't just got back to sleep. He cries and cries and cries and usually he's actually asleep and still crying. This is what happened last night.

11:45 is when it went downhill.

He wakes up, no doubt due to the storm that sounded like it was going to blow the house away. And he starts crying. Leo goes in to comfort him. Calls me because he needs to pee so I take over and Little Man doesn't want anything to do with me (a BIG change from earlier in the week). Thankfully Leo comes back and tries to comfort him some more. He puts him back in his crib and rubs his back. Oh I also forgot to mention when Little Man cries like this he usually makes himself gag and puke. Which is what happened next.
During this time, now Sweet Girl has gotten up and I have escorted her back to her room, laid down with her so she'll go back to sleep when I hear my name.

Leo changes the sheet, I change Little Man. I take Little Man into our bed to see if he'll sleep. Finally after 45 mins of tossing and turning he finally is out and Leo takes a shower.

Now the debate begins: Do we move him or just leave him in our bed? Lord if we move him the crying could start again. If we leave him in our bed will he want to sleep there every night????
Probably not.
But after some deliberation, I moved back to his crib. He didn't even wake up and slept fine until 7:15. Thank goodness.

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