18 February 2008

The Movers Arrive

Ok, the movers loaded up in TN in rain and cold. And they unloaded in AZ in rain and cold. It was so ironic that the weather was the exact same.
They got stuck in a snow storm.
They drove all night to get to our place on time.
Then they got lost in Phoenix and arrived almost 3 hours late.

I did feel bad for them, they are really nice people. They busted their ass and worked hard. I would recommend them if your moving across the country or just within the Nashville area.

They unloaded all the boxes, set up our beds and went along their way. I enjoyed having them around as I said before they were an interesting lot of people.

Little Man was ready for bed way before they had gotten to his room and walked around crying for about an hour. I had to go to the store at this point because at that time both kids wanted me and literally almost broke my fingers as they each took one and pulled so that I would pick them up. I know the move was hard on them but I hadn't had a break either and I was getting close to becoming a nutcase. So I went to the Safeway. It was a nice trip and break.

We had a small scare with a lost item and one of Leo's guns. But after about 45 mins of everyone opening all the boxes trying to find it, it was in the place it should have been...the safe. Leo did not, however, tell them this since they may have become nutcases themselves.

Now the boxes are here and just need to be unpacked...

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