18 February 2008

The Hotel Stay and Flight

So now I'll go back and give you an update on what happened during our last night in Tennessee and our flight out.
The kids were excited to get to the hotel, especially running up and down the hallway. I'm sure the other guests enjoyed that sound... They also enjoyed playing with the sliding mirror doors of the closet. It was loud as they slammed it back and forth. My nerves and patience are already below empty so I'm trying my best not to turn into a nutcase.

We have had no normal routine for going on a week by the time we got to the hotel. I've figured out the kids do not do so hot straying this long from their routine. Little Man slept in the pack n play for the last two nights with no problem. However that was coming to an end at about 11:45 PM, about 3 hours after he went to sleep. He wakes up, or really he doesn't wake up but he starts crying. I pick him up quickly so as to not wake up Sweet Girl; who went to sleep with no issues. Yay for that. Then I calm him and lay him in bed with me, bad idea. I then didn't sleep really after this point. Every time he moved I would freak out that he was going to fall off the bed so I woke up. Sweet Girl woke up once and then I laid with her.
I watched the clock until 4:30 AM when I got up. Which I might add is too damn early.

Everyone else got up without any issues.

We load up in the car and send my dad and my assload of luggage on the shuttle. I packed for about a month for me and the kids for the 4 days between the movers leaving TN and arriving in AZ. Yes we each had about 4 outfits per day...Don't know what I was thinking there...

We get to the airport where we had no issues going through security except for the assload of carry on stuff including two laptops and two portal DVD's.

After a scare where I panicked like crazy when I thought I lost my ID, we had eaten a nice breakfast and loaded up in the plane.

We had these harnesses for the kids instead of car seats because I didn't need anything else to add to my assload of luggage or carry on stuff. They worked out pretty well and I am happy we purchased them. We'll use them many times over.

I bought a new portable DVD player, that I charged up and then left in the ON position after I unplugged it so it was dead by the time we got on the plane. But at least we had two. At least I had one smart moment.

Sweet Girl did GREAT on the flight she even took a nap. She enjoyed looking out the window and sitting next to my mom and dad. Little Man did OK for the most part but did have a couple moments of showing off his high pitch screams which got us a lot of nice looks. I don't get that, it's not that I'm sitting there saying to Little Man "Please scream like a crazy kid and make everyone miserable. SCREAM Little Man SCREAM". I don't want to hear it either. But oh well. It was short lived and being a 19 month old confined to a small seat he really did awesome. And God bless the lady that was brave enough to sit next to us. She was a nice lady and very understanding.

Finally we land in Phoenix. Yay!! Until we get outside in what is supposed to be sunny Arizona, to cold and rain!! Yuck. It was in the high 40's and it was raining. At least the highlight of landing was getting to see Leo and the Sweet Girl was very happy to see her daddy. I was happy to pass them off for a few minutes. To at least refill my patience at least a little bit.

But at least we are all back together as a family. Yes that feels nice.

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