01 February 2008

Did I Sign On For This

Upon the inaugural post of my blog my sister in law, Liz, sent a shout out on her blog about Don't Touch the Cactus. So now I am retuning the favor and using this post to send the shout back. Please go check out her blog, Did I Sign On For This. It's a great blog. Liz writes about everything including her battlle with postpartum psychosis. She writes with blunt honesty about her battle and her journey to hell and back. She is an amazing woman and mom. She also writes about her kids and politics (to be honest I ignore those ones... ha ha just kidding). She's a funny writer and I always look forward to checking her blog when I get to work (and yes it's on a break...maybe...)

I will miss her and her family a great deal when we head out to the desert. We've been through quite a lot together. We shared our first pregnancies together and tried to work off our many many trips to Krispy Kreme or really anywhere that served desert by going to prenatal water aerobics. Now don't be fooled by the fact it has the word "aerobics" in it. Mostly we just floated around on noodles praying we would be less swollen then when we got there.
Her Sweat Pea and my Sweet Girl still have a connection and it's funny when they get together it's like they just saw each other 5 minutes ago. That makes me so happy and sad at the same time. I don't think that connection will break and I imagine when they come visit us in AZ, after about 2 minutes of getting reacquainted they will play like they just played the day before.

So, Thanks Liz for the shout. I hope my blog is half as good as yours!

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Liz said...

That was sweet! I think Sweet Pea and Sweet Girl have some kind of sonar recognition left over from when they were in the womb and spent so much time together submerged in the pool. You are definitely right about it not really being aerobics! I used to slack off on my treadmill walking because we went to water aerobics that day. That's probably what contributed to my 60 pound weight gain!