30 January 2008

Dry Two Days in a Row!! WOO HOO!!

So we've been making the potty training journey with Sweet Girl the past couple weeks. She floored me the first weekend we tried it with her success so I was so pleased. Now yes I know that it probably wasn't the smartest thing to do before a big move but it had to be done. The preschool she is going to in AZ requires them to be potty trained to be in the Preschool class, if she wasn't she would be stuck in a class with just turned 2 year olds. I knew this would not be good for her so we made the decision to do a potty training marathon over a weekend.
We gave out A LOT of M&M's and stickers and bribe toys, and we were blessed with success. She's hasn't had any real accidents since that initial weekend so I am like I said blessed with success.
We only started with the day training, I figured we'll wait for night time until after we've moved and settled. But Sweet Girl may be more ready then I thought. She's woken up dry for two days in a row and goes right to the potty after she wakes up a bit. So while I'm not all gung-ho about her going to sleep in panties just yet (mostly b/c I am cherishing my sleep right now and don't really feel like changing sheets at 3 AM) so we'll encourage her to continue that trend and keep on with the M&M's.
As one of my good friends said to me after telling her of Sweet Girl's potty success, Sweet Girl will probably wonder why every time she goes to the bathroom as an adult she has a serious M&M craving!
Send us good potty vibes that our dry mornings continue!

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