27 January 2008

First Post

Well this is my initial post to get us going. I started this blog as a means of allowing everyone to keep up with me and our family as we make our move across the country. We're moving from Brentwood (Nashville), TN to Chandler (Phoenix), AZ. Big and exciting move equals a lot of stress for us. But it's worth it as Leo starts his rock star position at the new company. He's worked hard to get where he is and thanks to someone who completely missed the boat with him he has this kick ass opportunity.

The current state of affairs:

The house is on the market, we've found a house in Arizona that everything seems to be moving forward on (although I am still skeptical until those keys are in my hands!), the closing date is scheduled, the movers are scheduled and we have our tickets to fly out there. Seems like everything is under control so hopefully it stays that way!

Leo will be leaving the weekend before us and driving the big truck out there with my dad (Sweet Girl will be VERY disappointed that we are not able to drive it for a week, she's very attached to it and will probably ask me 100 times where it is). This leaves me a week of being single mom (kudos to all you single moms out there!!) including one night in a hotel. That should be fun.

So now I'll close and report back tomorrow with any house updates. I'll try to post daily but until we move I might not have anything exciting to share!


Liz said...

Yeah! I love the name. I am going to give a shout out to you on my blog and hopefully send you some traffic, so keep posting!

AMB said...

i love the name, too! i'm still terribly bummed about the move, especially since this photo-taking aunt just got a new camera! :)

S family - S, P, N & K said...

Love the blog! We're in your shoes with the potty training business ... DH trained N the end of December in a "crash course" while on vacation! LOL

It's especially fun to run to the potty with two in tow when you're at the other end of the store when "nature calls" - EEK! I have extra undies in my bag - ha ha!!!

Good luck w/the move and congrats on the kick A$$ job opportunity! Whoot!

We'll be looking forward to hearing about all your adventures!
The S Family! S, P, N & K