28 February 2008

The Scorpion Hunter

Since in the last post I failed to mention Leo was stung by one of our new friends he has become quite fond of them. Apparently it only barely got him because he only experienced a slight sting and none of the other lovely symptoms that can also be induced by a scorpion.

After more investigation there is really not anything an exterminator can do but we'll call one anyway. We can get rid of all our bushes and anything else that they can live in and basically live in a bubble. Or you can become what Leo has, the Scorpion Hunter.

He is armed with a sexy purple blacklight that looks like a flashlight. He turns off all the lights and the search begins. Why you wonder does he have a blacklight, because one of the scorpion traits is they glow in the dark. So we walk around the house hunting for any of the bastards to kill them and thus remove them from our home. Someone at work suggested we leave a dead one around to scare off all the others. I think I might hang it by a noose to let the others know we mean business. We don't want you here.

It is kind of trippy, like a Jimi Hendrix poster as my dad would say, to see all the neato glowing things and also kind of gross/disturbing as you pass over spots on the carpet and the thoughts begin 'what exactly is that' since I know you've all see the 20/20 shows where they take the blacklight into a hotel room...

Luckily for us we were scorpion free yesterday. The hunt was unsuccessful but will start up again tonight.


micshell73 said...

Oh my...this made me laugh out loud. I can just see him walking around with that light... :)

Shane said...

This post reminds me of one my favorite scenes from The Office (US).

(Dwight turns off the hotel room lights and Michael turns on a blacklight. Strange spots are now visible around the room.)
Michael: What is all of this?
Dwight: Could be blood, semen, or urine.
Michael: GOD, I hope that it's urine!