14 February 2008

The Last Day

Well this is it, my last day in Tennessee. I never thought I would be sad to be leaving here since when we first moved here I hated it. I would never refer to it as home but now I really don't want to leave. Obviously that's out of the question now, so I'll be leaving on a jet plane tomorrow.
I have held it together for the past couple weeks of chaos that I have been living in. I even have a million and one things to get done at work, which is where I am right now and should be doing those things, but I won't have any other time to post on this the last day in TN.

I will miss this place, or more so the people that I like and love in this place. I won't miss the crazy stupid drivers that love to turn left from the right hand lane or right from the left hand lane without really checking traffic first. I won't miss the chaos a snow forecast will cause with the schools and the grocery stores. I won't miss the dumbass drivers who do not know that in order to merge into traffic you actually have to use the gas. No I won't miss any of those things. And in fact I know that they will be replaced with probably the same behaviors in my new city.

All the material things I will miss can be replaced. But it's the people that cannot be replaced. My family! My friends I met at my previous job that I still talk to today. My friends I met on Baby Center when Sweet Girl wasn't even a year yet. My friends I made at my current job that even though I will still communicate and work with I won't see every day and talk and interact.

Yes in the age of technology I can email, text or IM anyone at just about anytime, but that just doesn't replace face to face meetings where you can read expression or feel their touch. And maybe I'm better off with email, texting and IM because apparently I have many facial expressions that I think I am masking but really I'm not. So everyone supposedly knows when I am utterly disgusted at hearing when certain people talk and just the general annoyance I'm feeling. I thought this friend was just giving me grief, until someone said to me yesterday: "I'll miss your facial experssions"...and I had a brief ping of guilt when I thought OH MY GOSH everyone really knows how I feel!!

If you haven't noticed I enjoy a tangent in my posts and digress A LOT. Sorry...if you could see my face I'm sure you would be OK with it.

Good Bye Tennessee. I'll be back for visits at least.


Craig said...

I hope your travels go well.

Take heart in what one of America's greatest heros once said, "No matter where you go, there you are." Buckaroo Banzai

AMB said...

there better be LOTS of visits! i miss you guys already. and think i have chosen denial as my emotion of choice on this whole thing. I miss you guys and love you!

Anonymous said...

Dammit, now I'm crying. liz