04 February 2008

The Good Byes Begin

The good byes have begun. Sunday my parents threw us a Good Bye Open House. And we had a nice turnout as everyone came to bid us farewell. It was a nice gesture and a sad one as well. I held it together quite well actually, partly because I just didn’t feel very good. All of my best friends from here showed up. It was nice to see them and sad to think I won’t see them as often as before.

It’s amazing how much you take for granted when you have friends around. Life usually gets in the way and then something like the move happens and you realize you didn’t get to hang out as much as you would like. One of my best friends had a baby back in July of last year. I have been a horrible friend and haven’t spent very much time with her. Pushing it off as I needed to take care of my family and waiting until things settled down. Now I will miss her sweet little girl growing up and will have to live through pictures.

I’ve done pretty well with not losing it when I think about not seeing all of them very much. Mostly because I’m bad and just don’t think about that fact. I kind of place it far back in my mind and don’t really give it much clout. I dismiss the thoughts as they come. So I guess you could say I’m in denial. I KNOW I am in denial. I also KNOW I will miss them all greatly and I just can’t bear to think about that right now it makes my chest heavy and my heart ache. Who really likes THAT feeling? And I can only hope they will keep in touch and some will come for a visit.

So for any of my friends reading this you better stay in touch damnit. ;)

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micshell73 said...

You are not horrible! We will come visit you very soon! WE all take things for granted though...I did it too. :)
Love, Michele