11 February 2008

The Packers Are Here...

The packers have arrived and my house is in a weird state. There are some rooms untouched as of yet and some rooms that are well underway about finished. The packers are an odd bunch. All very pleasant at least and seem to be moving at a rapid pace. But I guess this is their job so I would expect them to be moving at a rapid pace. I really thought they were just coming to pack the kitchen but they've moved to all areas of the house.
And I have to admit I feel weird just sitting here watching people do stuff in my house. I feel like I should be helping them but instead I am just sitting her writing to you.

I am not sure really what I am feeling today. It's a weird feeling; a mixture of anxiety, sadness, excitement, and really just overwhelming stress. I feel almost disconnected from myself almost.

Well I'm going to get Little Man before he gets packed up.

1 comment:

Craig said...

I hope you packed the "special drawer" before they showed up.