10 February 2008

One Down...Three To Go

So it's been a crazy week, well weekend. Leo left on Thursday so I've been alone with the kids since then. Thank god for my mom coming over and helping me. Leo and my dad arrived in Phoenix on Saturday, I shall share some of the stories of their travels in the next post or two. At least they arrived safe and sound and didn't hit any bad weather.

One in Phoenix and 3 more to go.

So as the last weekend in Nashville I had a fun weekend with a girls night out and then 2 hours at the doctors office for Sweet Girl's ears. I'll let you decide which was more fun. Nothing like starting the move week with an ear infection, hopefully we didn't pick up anything else at the doctors office. It was like running through a germ gauntlet. I can tell you Audrey and I probably used a whole bottle of hand sanitizer as I chased her around with it after she touched anything. And seriously I wish they had been handing out face masks. I would have worn it. But the doctor was kind enough to fill my request for the z pack since it doesn't have to be in the fridge and we only give it to her for 5 days.

The movers start packing tomorrow and then go in full swing on Tuesday and they will also load the truck and leave with all our stuff. Our house will be empty and ready for new tenants to love it and make their own happy memories here.

My list of things to do grows each time I walk by the fridge. This is where it is taped on since all the magnets are packed away. Hopefully it doesn't grow too long...


Shane said...

I would feel uncomfortable with the movers handling all of my unmentionables. As well as my extensive collection of Japanese Bushido scrimshaw.

Danielle said...

I kind of feel the same way. Thankfully anything that is in a drawer is staying in a drawer...and we have family here to supervise. So that gives me some sense of comfort. Maybe it's a false sense but hey at this point I'm looking for any kind of comfort!