21 February 2008

First Day of School! First Day of School!

Ok, so I've seen Finding Nemo too many times...But today was Sweet Girl and Little Mans first day at their new school. I really like their school so I was anxious for them to get there.
Sweet Girl went with me yesterday to pick up all the paperwork and asked "Where is my new teacher? Where are my new friends?" so I was thankful for her optimism.

Drop Off:
Little Man - We dropped him off first. He CLUNG to me when we went into his room. And was crying when I left. I heard him crying when I left. I was kind of nervous about this and his crying. Remember when he starts crying he doesn't stop easily. Those poor teachers. Thanks for the break though.

Sweet Girl - She was OK going into the classroom until they starting talking to her. Then she clammed up and held on to my leg like she was hugging a tree. I left her without any tears when the teacher offered her a book. The kid loves books. They are our savior.

Mid morning call to check on Little Man:
Apparently they directed us to the wrong class room. He was in a class of 2 year olds. Once he was moved to the correct classroom he was just fine. I talked to the teacher and he was running around and playing the piano. Hopefully he doesn't sing like his GaGa (ha ha just kidding).

Pick Up:
Little Man- His room was empty so they were still playing outside. As we get closer to the door to get outside I hear crying and I recognize it. Sure enough it was Little Man. According to the teacher he had just started and calmed down when he saw me. All was fine and I think he'll be OK.

Sweet Girl - She was in their neat little indoor playroom referred to as the villiage. I didn't want to get her out of there so we just waited until they were back to their room. The teacher advised us that Sweet Girl did not speak, which caused all the other children in the room to comment to her teacher "maybe she doesn't talk". When she finally did say something they all rejoiced with a "SHE DOES TALK Ms. NORMA!!". She said she had fun and wanted to go back on Friday. Friday is show and tell day!

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